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Alt Names: alt エイチツー
Author: ADACHI Mitsuru
Artist: ADACHI Mitsuru
Genres: Comedy ComedyDrama DramaRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShounen ShounenSlice of Life Slice of LifeSports SportsTragedy Tragedy
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Kunimi Hiro and his best friend Hideo were baseball wonders... Until Hiro found out his arm was permanently damaged, rendering him unable to play anymore. A frustrated Hiro goes through the trouble of specifically finding a high school with no baseball team... Only to later on find out the doctor who examined him was a quack and his arm is perfectly fine. Hiro is quick to reinstate his dream: Creating a baseball team for his school and getting to face off against Hideo in the Koshien... The number one premier league for high school baseball.
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What a treat from mangascreener to organize a gif at the end. Good ending.
I can't ever finish H2 because partway through I get really frustrated with Hikari and just stop reading. I can't help myself-- I really can't stand Hikari and the half assed way she treats Hiro. She keeps leading him on, and it seems like she knows he has a thing for her, but it's like she wants both guys to herself. GAH.

Personally, my favorite Adachi Mitsuru is Touch. I read that one all in one go and I really adored the characters. So many tears!

Hated the annoying love drama but loved everything else. Also damn Hiro was manly at the end (at least more than he normally is).

I really like this manga (although it isn't my favorite Adachi).  I think that it isn't my favorite, because Haruka was the only one of the four that REALLY knew what she wanted and didn't waiver.  Hiro was a great mc, but he held onto Hikari too long, while developing feelings for Haruka.  Hideo was weird, in a sense, as he didn't really trust either Hiro or Hikari.  Hikari was really strange as well, as she did things that kept Hiro hanging on, while planning all the time to stay with Hideo.  I tend to like Adachi's straightforward characters more.  I'm one of those weirdo's who like Cross Game best of all the baseball manga, I guess.

i just finished reading this, and to my surprise, i had already read it a long time ago, while reading it i kept questioning myself: "if i already read this, why do i know i didn't read any of the other works of this mangaka? I'm loving this!!", well, the last chapter, the end, it SUCKED, i felt the same the first time i read it, exactly the same, no wonder i erased it from my mind... note to self, don't forget you already read this, or else you are gonna feel bad again :(

i never touched any of the other works cuz my intuition tells me they all end like this one did, in a way i will completely and utterly hate.

I know many people consider Cross Game better, but for me, it's H2, all the way!  (We'll have to wait and see about MIX, since it's just barely started.)  I guess the difference, to me, is that Cross Game is a romance theme with a strong baseball sub-theme, and H2 is a baseball theme with a strong romance sub-theme.  H2's relationship between the titular two heroes is what pulls it into the lead.  For me, anyhow.  YMMV, of course, and I strongly recommend either (or any) of these great Adachi stories.

My God; I just reread it, I can't help but cry every time I read this.

Yup, that one chapter really make me cry. But for the other chapters, I hurt myself laughing :)

Disliked the ending...
My God; I just reread it, I can't help but cry every time I read this.
Adachi Mitsuru is one of my top 3 favourite mangaka. Humor, paasio, love, sport, challenge. He mixes all of this together in an amazing story. Thankful I live in an era where he writes.
chapter 196 is missing and is a repeat posting of ch. 195
was wondering why pages of V17 were gone, seems like you updated this in pages instead of volumes :)
Amazing work. H2 is what got me into Adachi Mitsuru, and I've re-read it many times.
great sports and love story. Lot's of comedy. I love this author
vol 10 is not working, please check it other than that, amazing upload, thanks
The art takes a bit of getting used to. I really enjoy his sense of humour (often taking stabs at himself) and his subtle weaving of romance. It's one of the few mangaka where I can go back and reread his series again and again, just to know that I'll be smiling and cheering for the characters throughout.
He's quirky and not for everyone, but Adachi Mitsuru is one of my favourite manga authors. Great sense of humour and often touching stories. I highly recommend one of his other mangas, Cross Game.

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