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Haikei Date Masamune-sama

Alt Names:
Author: Nakajima Tsubasa
Artist: Nakajima Tsubasa
Genres: Comedy ComedyRomance RomanceShoujo Shoujo
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Tamura Aki is a maniac when it comes to historical things and she especially loves Date Masamune. Therefore, when she meets for the first time Hashiba Masaki, who happens to have a bandage on his right eye, just like Masamune, she believes that he´s her destined love. Hashiba-sama, as Aki calls him, is a rather violent guy who fights some yakuza-like fellows with his fists. How will she be able to get close to him in this kind of a situation?
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The extra chapter was pretty funny and cute.

It was a cute story. However the ending was rushed and there were still many possibilities to let it continue. I would have liked to know more about the brother <3

I normally hear about "getting axed" and stuff in shounen.  Shoujo often has mid-length to short-ish manga just because that's how long the story was.  If anything, they work it the reverse of the shounen approach--they'll run a story, planning for a set number of chapters, and then if there's big fan takeup they might say "OK, how can we make this a bigger story and do another volume's worth or two?"  By contrast,


In this case, I liked the end.  Thing is, they'd done the gimmick, they'd done the courtship, it wasn't the kind of relationship with room for a triangle or such.  So how long do you want to spin out a "family as obstacle" story line?  Just long enough for the guy to step up and show he's serious seems about right.

The end? Is this manga finished already?

I'm betting the series got axed by the publisher. At least the mangaka got to give it an ending. There are to many series out there that never even get an ending.

The end? Is this manga finished already?


@Catbug: She isn't absolutely weak (probably better than what I've seen in many other shoujo), but the sword definitely gives a wrong impression. I had my hopes up too. <<

hahaha ex-wife
Man.. Judging from the front cover I thought she would have a sword...and fight...but she's just a delusional, weak female lead...gullible too
so cute ! <3 ~
one thing i dont like is the fight and abduction in every chapter :(

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