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Hajimete no Aku

Alt Names: alt はじめてのあくalt 天才恶少年alt J博士的恶之道alt My First Evilalt MY First Mr. Akuno
Author: Fujiki Shun
Artist: Fujiki Shun
Genres: Comedy ComedyEcchi EcchiFantasy FantasyRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeSci-fi Sci-fiShounen ShounenSlice of Life Slice of Life
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: In the spring of Kyoko's first year in high school, Eiko, a girl like a sister to her, returns with her younger brother, Jiro.
The return isn't that big of a deal, but Jiro (self-proclaimed super mad scientist) has it in his head that he wants to operate on Kyoko! And, what's even more, the two of them are actually high ranking members of an evil organization on the run from the heroes of justice!
As if high school didn't have enough problems already, now she has to deal with these two living with her.
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I wonder where did the author, shun fujiki went to? Seems like he never did anything new past this series. He got some serious potential, really.

Pretty fun, but I can't help but feel that there were a lot of plot points that were either brought up or hinted at but just sorta never went anywhere.  In Particular, I feel Kyouko was given a lot of opportunities for development that just got dropped in favor of turning Jiro into a generic Shounen Hiro.


I think it would have been more interesting to have Jiro's development actually revolve around his initial characterization as a Mad Scientist; have his inventions actually develop into interesting things instead of simple one-off gags.  Even 2.0, the invention that did stick around, ultimately wound up being not even his invention in the end, same with The Cape.  In that regard he never really grew up at all, even in the last chapter everything he does related to inventions is relentlessly silly.


And Kyouko, introduced as the Powerhouse, had a 'dark past' that was foreshadowed for a bit, major temper, her family was hinted at being something special, and all of that led up to a big fat nothing.  It was still enjoyable, and maybe its just my love of Massive Tonal Shifts especially when previously lighthearted stories turn Super Dark Super Fast, but I was really hoping something would come from all of that, particularly during the Nebirous or whatever it was Arc, or When Spoiled Brat came back to try and beat Jiro.


Ultimately I feel it suffered from what a lot of Shounen Manga suffers from; Nothing Significant ever Changes.


Eh, 8.8/10.  Fun to read but not much substance.

It's....SO GOOD....best manga I have ever read. :D

chapter 34 is only part there

Been searching for a cutesy manga (since Itoshi no Karin is only updated monthly), and decided that it was time to reread this. LET'S GO!!!!

Every single time I re-read this I can't help but smile and giggle...it brings back memories of happier times, which is part of the reason I like reading this when I feel down.

I might be wrong but they forgot to tie up one important part:


where.is.the.anime? HOW COME I CANT FIND IT?!!! *watery eyes* why?


wish the was an epilog to show sometime after they got gather together

reading ch35. i just have to post this


i starting reading it but so far it seem funny. then i saw ch1 pg39 the thief in that...tied that way is dissurtbing also weridly funny.

that the best i can explain with what i just seem...................................................................................


why does the best girl never wins?

One of my favorite manga of all time. Just saying.
As for the ending? I APPROVE!!! O.O Just saying.

Hm. Not much of a spoiler now that i look at it. Meh.
Very nice ending! You might be one of those people to look at the comments to see if this manga is worth reading. well scroll no further! this manga is very entertaining. The characters are very likeable! i specially liked kurosawa haha. watch out for her ok? LOL
A manga get a anime depanding his popularity in japan, and in japan, this serie ain't popular(it a miracle this serie have done over 150 chapter). This is one of these serie wich the diference in culture change the size of the fanbase. Not enough echiness for a Normal japanese Otaku of today. but erotism is not what most westerner otaku care(sorry for the stereotype). Just look a kenchi, the westerner fanbase is whining for the muliplication of pantyshot while the serie is doing better and better in japan since then.

At least it got the ending it deserved. Unlike Spyren wich because of the low fanbase in japan got a forced ending so they could clear some space in their magazine for a other serie.

If only the japanese otaku could go back to being more mature, like in the golden era of 1990...
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Aaaand... that's the end. For those waiting for it to become an anime, i doubt it.

Either that, or it's gonna be in the late night (a.k.a., super early morning) slot.
Oh wow cheese just came out of my computer.
yeah it was a great manga imo and im sad it ended TT.TT but no point in dwelling
yeah it was a great manga imo and im sad it ended TT.TT but no point in dwelling
Arghhhhhh such a sweet and good ending *^*b. It was also a good read.
Great series, I hope some other like this one start soon!!!
Short and sweet endings are nice too.
A non-shitty ending. Most. A nice change from a few that have ended recently (khr, etc)
awesome!!! an ending with an EVEN AWESOMER KISS!!! XD :D teehee!!!

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