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Hate You, Love You

Alt Names: alt 讨厌你喜欢你alt Tao Yan Ni Xi Huan Nialt Люблю-ненавижу
Author: Dong Ye
Artist: Dong Ye
Genres: Comedy ComedySchool Life School LifeShoujo ShoujoYaoi Yaoi
Type: Manhua (Chinese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: I hate you!!
The first word the strange little boy shouted at me?!
We’ve been knowing each other since the early childhood. He’s been around me all the time.
Does he hate me or love me?!
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The first chapter title sounds like a line a stalker would say.

Hi everyone,

I started translating ch7: http://www.now-do.com/works/6407210214788956262/read/6407210262038840175/en

and ch8: http://www.now-do.com/works/6407210214788956262/read/6407210262038840174/en

Actually I'm a bit confused by ch8. Maybe I will put off the translation a bit. I guess I need more time on ch8.

But I promise I will finish ch7 translation ASAP.


I start translating this manhua a month ago.

I translate this manhua becuz I love the original Chinese manhua very very much. The plot is bitter-sweet-fun.


I also want to improve my English and make more friends. I understand I'm not a native I speak somehow bad English. I look forward to hearing criticisms and suggestions about my translation.

Also I feel alone when I translate it as an individual. If you want to translate, edit, or proofread this manhua, feel free to join my group: http://www.now-do.com/group/view/6397674781709172813

This group only works on pc. You can leave any comments. You can help me with the typesetter n proofread. You can ask me about this manhua.


I want to share a bit more about my translation exp. This is my second Chinese manhua translation attempt, BUT my very first Chinese translation ALL by myself (I used to do a little proofreading in another manhua). I feel nervous and excited. In the past, I never think about translating a manhua as I know little about photoshop. Now I fall in love with translating manhua I must say ^^. I can easily redraw the bubble, insert my translation "fairly-real-time", and share with fans!


I know I talked too much here. Anyways enjoy the manhua. I promise this manhua is promising !!!


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