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Hatoful Kareshi

Alt Names: alt はーとふる彼氏alt Hatoful Boyfriendalt Hatofuru Kareshialt Heartful Boyfriend
Author: Hato Moa
Artist: Hato Moa
Genres: Comedy ComedySchool Life School Life
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: GUUUURL, you dreamin'!?
Your love candidates are pigeons. ♥
This is the manga version of the neosensory otome game "Hatoful Boyfriend". ☆
An edgy, heartful comedy based in the prestigious all-pigeons school St. Pigeonation's.
From rock dove to Luzon bleeding-heart, this colorful cast of pigeons will whisk you away into a pleasantly thrilling world of pigeons!
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this is the future people!! humans will die out and be reduced to living in caves and the pigeons will TAKE OVER!!

If we do, then certainly it will be due to a toxoplasmosis pandemic...

The VN's on Steam now!

Haha... Hahaha... Hahahaha... Fuck this.
This update, I think Yuuya's looking even more Sexy and Luxurious than usual ☆

This may be the greatest thing ever. I can't read it because of the tears.

Why ? Who thought it was a good idea to make a manga out of it ?

The same guy who thought making the game would be a good idea. The irony is... The game was a success.

I had no idea there was a manga adaptation of this until just now.

I have got to read this.

Death to the fat bird! You shalt not feed my chopped up friends to me and slaughter me anymore!

This newest chapter had me cracking up so hard. The best yet. Anghel + Okosan + Nageki? You are perfect hum- I mean birdies. Such cute little birdies.



i'm gonna follow the shit out of it

@Jibaku Well, depending on what you mean by action... :P

But no, nothing sexual at least. The game's more about emotional connections, video game references, and getting horribly murdered.
@hee7 So there is no pigeon-people action? Bummer :C
no way.. they even made a manga?
i don't think i got anywhere with the game yet, but maybe i'll try again
@Reivin Nope! One, it would make the series more about romance than it actually is, and Two, it would undermine the delicious, delicious backstory that gives the series gravitas.

@Jibaku Not an eroge! G-rated from the get-go.
I just don't understand why it had to be a human girl that is dating pigeons...couldn't it have been a pigeon dating pigeons?!
Well now, this is quite the change in pace from my usual eroge...
any one else see the video of the yogscast playing the game?
@Comody Pretty much, yeah. ♡(*´∀`*)

I'm surprised you can get anything out of it without playing finishing the Otome game and its sequel, tho'!
This is one of those manga when you first say, da faq am I reading? And then you are, when is the next chapter coming? Right?
@kabob So glorifying shooting people and ripping the limbs off monsters in western games is alright? It's a difference in culture. Nothing more, nothing less.
Galge and otome games are proof that Japanese kids are f*cked in the head.
Pigeons? What is this, Bert's crazed erotic daydream? Wake him up, Ernie!
I know this will be fantastic, because it made Cracked's list of craziest dating games of all time.
Personally, I'm cheering for the doctor.
yes! roll like a buffalo!

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