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Hatsukoi Lunch Box

Alt Names: alt 初恋ランチボックスalt 初恋ランチボックス くまさんエッグサンドalt 初恋ランチボックス 3色ラブレター編alt 特装版 初恋ランチボックス
Artist: KODAKA Nao
Genres: Comedy ComedyCooking CookingRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShoujo Shoujo
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: Despite the fact her mother's a model, (famous for being on the magazine Charisma Housewife), Sae's usually left home alone. And although she has what classmates call a 'sub-space stomach', Sae can't cook. In an attempt to help a friend with her love, Sae becomes closer with a classmate named Yuuki, who works at a cafe. Will Sae actually learn to cook? Will this closeness develop into a one or two-sided love?
Status: Completely Scanlated
The rest of volume 2 and 3 have been scanlated by Doko Demo Doa Manga Scanlations. Their scans are not allowed on Batoto.
A pesar del hecho de que su madre es una modelo, (famoso por ser el ama
de casa la revista Charisma), Sae generalmente queda sola en casa. Y a
pesar de que tiene lo que sus compañeros llaman un "estómago
sub-espacio", Sae no sabe cocinar. En un intento por ayudar a una amiga
con su amor, Sae se acerca más a un compañero de clase llamado Yuuki,
que trabaja en una cafeter a. Sae realmente aprender a cocinar?
¿Esta cercan a desarrollar en uno o el amor de dos caras?
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Actually this manga's goal is only to promote the cook called " Shiori ". If you bought it, you'd get a book with recipes from Shiori. She's similar to the character called Shiori in the manga, too.

It's kind of fun. It gets a bit repetitive--one of those manga where the solution is always the theme-thingie. But that's how they work.
djabea--do you like "Addicted to Curry"?
i remember finishing this a long while ago... if u look for em, u should be able to find the rest of the chaps scanned.
I still like this manga a lot. Cooking is one of my favourite themes and the recipe they show look delicious and I'm a bit obsessed with bentos.
Oh and I was looking around and saw that chapter six isn't translated...
@Seed, well desu can also mean death, so every time they say that just change around the meanings and it can be quite funny sometimes :)
Well, this series is published in a magazine targeted towards probably elementary and middle school girls lol (Nakayoshi) I don't think it supposed to be quite profound or anything of the like. Just simple, happy and teach some good traits, etc. Plus include some fun things that they could potentially do themselves, so in this case: easy recipes.

Just keep that in mind haha.
Seems to be a decent manga.. Shoujo, so its kinda predictable. Innocent, probably wont be much drama. But pretty unique.. Guess ill continue reading even after I swore I wouldnt read another Shoujo D:.

They say ne WAY too much. Gets on my nerves. Like desu.


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