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Alt Names: alt ŻARalt HEAT-灼熱-
Author: Buronson
Artist: IKEGAMI Ryoichi
Genres: Action ActionDrama DramaSeinen Seinen
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: Tatsumi Karasawa becomes the owner of host club "Shinijuku Sokai" in only two days. He leads a group of amateurs who aren't afraid of gangsters, police, or so-called "professional" organizations. Without fear, he walks the difficult path leading straight to the top.
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The following content is intended for mature audiences and may contain sexual themes, gore, violence and/or strong language. Discretion is advised.

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Is that Nishiki?

This is similar to sun ken, but doesnt really work on the same level. sun ken is clearly more fantastical than reality, while this tries to appear realistic, but in any reality I can think of he would have been killed before chapter 3. All because he is strong and clever doesnt mean hardened mobsters would just let him push them around.

hmmm... what happen!!?

I don’t get this.

What is that you dont get? They are starting a new organisation with idea to swallow old one, because they could not change old organisation from inside (the goals of both organisations stay the same, but there will be *leadership* changes, so i think thats what fat boss calls "restructuring"), and looks like they are in the process of *recruiting* new guys (last few pages). From now it will be quite interesting looking the clash between 2 mafia groups...

BTW, fat boss was looking quite cool, when put his badge in front of the former heads, and left from organisation before they can excommunicate him and his gang to avoid his gang members humiliation.

I don’t get this.
Cheers to Rocking Horse Scans, hope you continue working on the series faster than EGS did back in the day.

This is so good i want more!

Thanks RHS and carbonyl :)


that was a long wait for picking up this great manga.

The MC isn't overpowered, he just trains daily when most of the other characters chill and live on booze, food and women. That gives him the edge in a fight. He thinks outside the box when everyone else is trying to fit in boxes not made for them and that's why he's able to see things that others miss and use that to his advantage. He's badass in a way anyone could be if they tried a little harder and thought outside the box.(Except for the sexiness and being able to have any women he wants)
The lack of gun control in most of the establishments is... baffling, to say the least. Don't gangsters in Japan inspect people at the gates for weapons?
Overpowered MC FTW!


;) That's why it has more swag~
This has the same ideia as Sun Ken Rock, but it's rid of all the Shounen moments, the explicit violence. Karasawa is the master-mind, much like Park Tae-Soo. This one is more of mind than of muscle.
This is actually better than i thought..Karasawa's action always suprise me its like u don't know wat he thinking but 1 thing for sure is who he think is trash will be taught a lesson by him he don't care where,who it is he get straight to the point i like tat part of him lol
Sun Ken Rock looks a whole lot better than this and also gets my blood pumping a lot faster like when Ken takes his baseball bat and beats the crap out of 100 giants lol or takes his maybach and trashes a ferrari wit it lol :D.This one uses guns(a lot of them in that) so the action is a little too non-dramatic :(. And the main character(forgot his name, sorry) seems overconfident and doesn't seem vulnerable in the slightest :(
Old school sexy is unbeatable.

And this has way more SWAG than sun ken rock.
ye its too slow, but waiting its worth it.
love it
Updating this is too slow..
no offense, imo this is way better than sunken
Truly good...
Much more realistic and interesting plot
Similiar? Much better.
i think this is more darker/evil thn Sun-ken
i agree ther a bit similar.
this is almost similar to sun ken rock.

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