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Helen ESP

Alt Names: alt ヘレンesp
Author: Kigitsu Katsuhisa
Artist: Kigitsu Katsuhisa
Genres: Shounen ShounenSlice of Life Slice of LifeSupernatural Supernatural
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Five years ago, Helen lost her sight, hearing, and ability to speak in a traffic accident. She was living peacefully with her uncle and her guide dog Victor until, one day, she awoke to her mysterious powers.
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Huh, that was a nice read. Short and ends suddenly, but doesn't feel unsatisfying, since there was never any need to have a big end in something like this. The tone to me sort of felt like Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou with a bit of horror mixed in. The flying chapter especially really gave me chills.

A wonderful little manga <3 Recommended, so if you who are reading this are thinking about it, please, give it a try.


Always makes me happy to read these kinds of stories, with hope as subtext and curiosity in the center. Reminds me of Aqua and Aria in that sense. : )

I came back and read it again after several years, and it is as pleasant a read as I remembered.  Thanks, Kigitsu Sensei, SnoopyCool, and Futari wa Pretty Anon.




Mhh random button brought me here again and i noticed i havnt made a comment,
even though im sure i did .-.

Well lets fix it

The manga is centered on Hellens (based on Hellen Keller) life.
The chapters are episodic, so there is no real storyline.
The manga itself is very interesting nonetheless and
the ending is one of the most ingenious ones in manga history (not kidding).
Although im saying this dont expect a grand finale.

Overall a very enjoyable read, that may touch on some things you may not like,
that i would recommend for everyone to red at least once.

That was pretty good. I wish there more though, and the end kinda unsatisfying (though the Extra is an interesting conclusion to the story).


That being said I find the theme to be really touching. You can't live without relying on others, and others relying on you. Both are equally important. And this manga did a good job delivering the theme imo. What's with Helen helping others using her ESP and her noble heart while others will help her getting through her life (Since as awesome Victor is, its been hinted he wouldn't be there forever).


Overall its a great manga. Feels really touching if you can actually cacth the theme of this manga.

Enjoyed it :)

that was very nice :D, she's base on Helen Keller isn't she?

Read it again, it was really great and I wish there was more. Such a refreshing manga.

I really enjoyed this story.  I can see why SnoopyCool started translating it, and Futari wa Pretty Anon continued and finished it up.  It's really great.

Its sad to see it end so quickly...

Its franken fran without the gore! really wish he could have kept going with this
This was well-made generally, though I guess I could say I'm a bit disappointed with how it ended and all :S
It was an interesting way to do it (<= ending it)
Nice Manga, really heartwarming. Could have been longer, seems to be cut short, as some hinted plotpoints lead nowhere.
It was kind of underwhelming...
heart warming story, its been a while since i read something like this.
Clever ending I must say. Morality tales arn't my cup of tea, don't like them to much, (franken fran, twilight zone, ect) but this one was pretty good. Not to dark but not to clean.
This work is just incredible. A manga masterpiece, but not everyone may get that.
That Principal would be nice for an Avatar. Keep his left statement but delete his right statement. "I sincerely hope your time here will be a happy one"
This is a great manga, Helen is adorable, i'd like more.
Anyways... the principal looked like hitlar lol!
A nice story with a sweet heroine. ^-^
Not overly dramatic and not overly emotional - though both are present.
chapter 7 page 9, best ironic cameo EVER
"Don't pet me while I'm on duty..."

Victor is awesome.
very interesting and happy
I love this manga~ <3
Makes me nostalgic of Franken Fran... >.<

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