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Helios Chronicles

Alt Names: alt Elios Chroniclesalt 엘리오스 전기
Author: Kim Un-Jung
Artist: Jung Soo-Young
Genres: Action ActionAdventure Adventure
Type: Manhwa (Korean)
Status: Complete
Description: In Elios, 6 warriors go on an adventure to search for the magical jewel “L.”

Based on the MMORPG Elsword.

Original webcomic: http://comic.naver.com/webtoon/list.nhn?titleId=415350
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Lol, the author is secretly Kim Jung-Un the dictator of N.K., not Kim Un-Jung.  

........wait that it no way man way too lame to be an end ):<
*Particle Ray*...
badass reven is badass
so that was his story so sad
honestly i dont really get this, w/e happened to the El-Types? i thought those were the official manga for the game, not this............
so he love rena!!!?

The comic isn't as appealing as its cover art.


This is like the reverse of Treasure Hunter, where the cover art isn't appealing but the comic art is...LOL.
That belt.......is a tad loose.
dafuq i just read
cute girls 90% of thim are demons
Sisknight? Even his job has a sister complex for Elesis.
so that how he get the new job cooooooooooooool
It actually said Elsword at the end there.
I mean, WTF!? is this!?? Sisknight? Dafuq!?
That is beyond mistranslation.
Why. the hell. are. they. translating this thing? They even got the name wrong, it's Elios Chronicles, the brand webtoon of the game Elsword.
Look at the ratings at Naver, http://comic.naver.com/webtoon/list.nhn?titleId=415350 Most decent webtoons average at least a 9 and this is.... see how pointless it is? :(
Runes Slayer then degrades to Sheath Knight wtf?
It's Manhwa (korean people and their manhwa) what do you expect?
Elsword wannbe lol :P
Its like i am inside a game....
elsword wannabe
lol he is rune slyaer from the first chapter he like lv 35 and up from the start
umm Elsword?.....huh.....<.< (looks back) ..... Elsword .... huh... ehhh.... kinda hard to comment to this...
looks fun :P
Elsword. How does everyone know. Jesus why...

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