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Alt Names: alt ひめドル!!alt Hime Dolalt Hime Doll!!alt Himedol
Genres: Action ActionComedy ComedyRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShounen Shounen
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Inspired by his grandfather's skills, Kiriyama Kyoutarou's dream is to become a hairstylist. For that he enrolls in Yumemino Private Academy, also known as Tech High, the first combined technical high school in the country, more specifically he enrolls in the Beautician Department. Little did he know that his neighbor in class is Samejima Alto, an infamous female delinquent renowned for her monstrous strength. Even after that meeting his school life proves to be quite eventful as he stumbles upon a mysterious idol's secretive practice, discovers a connection with the biggest up-and-coming idol around and receives a rather unexpected request from the fearful Samejima - "Can you turn me into an idol!?". A story about following your dreams, even when everything and everyone seems to believe they're unfit considering who you are.

> Alternative version:
( http://www.batoto.net/comic/_/comics/houkago%E2%98%86idol-r7781 )
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Great and lovely story.

I still can feel the warmth in my heart.

Definitely 10/10 want to see this in live-action.

What happened to Asuka ;w;


It's like she got thrown to the side immediately lmao

Cute and didn't feel too rushed to me.

A shame this ended so quickly.


I really enjoyed the character interactions between MC and Samejima.

This was nice, short and sweet. Not that many manga have good endings either, I thought this one did. 

Well, the premise was good but the manga went downhill starting at the 2nd half of the story.

I'd give it 2 stars at most, it was nothing special but at the same time, it wasn't that bad all the time(could've gotten 1-2 stars more for better side-characters and their involvement into the story, but that's just my critical opinion).


Maybe some side stories would've kept the manga alive, but I bet the author himself didn't like how the manga went with the flow, since it didn't seem axed that much like other manga do.Let's see what the Mangaka will present us next, maybe it will be better than this one.

feeling very conflicted, pissed cause a good manga ended yet relieved that they didn't beat a dead horse that's run its course

I feel very conflicted, im pissed that this manga ended yet relieved that its not goin to god awful lengths to beat a dead horse that's run its course

no enough panties for the japo dweebs...

good lord... why do all good things have to be axed while trash keeps on going based on fanservice alone...

Oop and it's over. Felt rushed but oh well.

Thanks to the scanlations, thanks to the uploaders. Lumberjacks go f@ck yourselves, yet again.

should've at least had a real romantic resolution...

this gif would be alot more interesting... if it was a can of axe...

it is, but it's called lynx in the uk


here's source of the gif, because the slow-mo guys are cool


this gif would be alot more interesting... if it was a can of axe...



What a shame...

Fare thee well, Hime-dol, thou shalt be missed!


And my thanks to you, Casanova scans.

First and foremost, thank you so much for finishing this series Casanova!


It really was axed. As expected. Would be looking forward for the next work of KAZURO KYOU. Such a pity though, the story could been longer. I thought it would end in 30-50 chapters. BUT 16?!?!?! *sigh*

2 years later and she still calls him by his last name, I can see a lot of progression there.




Axed as the picture shows :D




little bit unsatisfied but you know what its better that it end somewhere than dragging it to a helish unending end......


like some we liked at first but was dragged too long that we hated it.....

Thanks for scanlating this to the end! I hope the author is not discouraged and will come out with another good work soon and not swept by the stereotypical demands of the japanese readers, even if that's what it takes to survive there..

And another manga dies before its time...just in front of this tired and weary eyes of mine

It was a good series T^T I'm just sad it had to end this way.

just have one thing to say: WTH ?




I can understand the logic why, but I simply cannot accept it

 think it's because didn't had enough ecchi for the virgin japanese

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