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Honey Come Chatka!!

Alt Names: alt ハニカムチャッカ
Author: Ookawa Bukubu (bkub)
Artist: Ookawa Bukubu (bkub)
Genres: 4-Koma 4-KomaComedy Comedy
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: The new stars of the era have risen!! This new era of J-POP starts with Honey Come Chatka!!

A girl born to be a diva, Sachi!
A perfect dancer with a body to match, Tayo!
An unrivaled genius on the turntable, DJ Copy and Paste!
Their biggest fans, Chakapi and Calimero!

Currently being translated on danbooru.

Webcomic Raw:
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That was surprisingly normal. Or maybe my definition of normal has changed.




Just wanna make sure everyone realizes that Tayo broke through a glass box being carried by helicopters, jumped on a missile that flew off and burst into a firework, and then just came back wearing a skydiving outfit.  

the outro itself is already gold

Couple typos on the Kuso Outro in Ch 5, don't feel like uploading a v.2 for them.


Here's a mediafire link for the chapters if you really want to see "you're" and "this" spelled correctly.

It's like "dumb downed idol" version of FilthyFrank nonsensicals! Ahahahahahhaha! xD

bkub sure love copy paste

Honey Come Chatka...Honey Kamchatka?
More interesting story from bkub

Ah shit, I forgot the credits page for chapter 3. Here, gaze upon




10/10 manga

DJ Copy and Paste live true to his name, copy pasting himself.

Another Bkub anothe nightmare.... good nightmare though, idk if that makes any sense mmm...

I don't know how to give this a rating. What criteria am I supposed to use?

Yup, that's bkub alright.

Why is this man so extreme

So where can I find the CD?

Thats great chen, do it again!

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