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Alt Names:
Author: Fujiwara Yuka
Artist: Fujiwara Yuka
Genres: Comedy ComedyOneshot OneshotRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShoujo Shoujo
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Haruka has a dog... A dog she ABSOLUTELY loves! Every single day, she gives him hugs and kisses~! Upon entering high school, she suddenly meets a boy... with the same name as her dog... looks like her dog... and acts like her dog in every way possible! Can Haruka resist the temptation of wanting to hug and kiss him like she does to her dog?
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My heart <3 that puppy dog and that puppy boy <3 that girl too <3 fave

the title should be hug kiss

I think this is one of the few instances of "petzoning"

This is just super cute~~~~!!
Both Kojirous are so adorable~! It's a really sweet oneshot, you can die from cuteness~~ (And briefly resurrect again lol)
Well, in Guru Guru Pon-chan the girl really was a dog. Is that the one you're thinking of? It's a fun manga.
This is one of my absolute all-time favourite one-shots. And I must have read thousands of 'em. I reread it now and then because it's just so cute and fun. Vanillamoon, I hope your head recovers ;)
this is sooooooo super cute my head exploded. XD
this seems familiar to another manga I read...except the main character is a guy and the dog was the girl. I can't remember the title though.

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