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Idea no Hana

Alt Names: alt イデアの花alt Flower of the Idea
Author: Emura
Artist: Emura
Genres: Fantasy FantasyShoujo ShoujoSupernatural Supernatural
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: Azuraito, an orphan taken in by a group of traveling entertainers, has always been able to see spirits that others can't. When he was four, two traveling doctors, who seemed to have the same ability he had, healed one of their troupe members. They left, but people who seemed to either be them, or be exactly like them, showed up seven years later. This time, they joined the troupe as two entertainers, Rebi and Sando. Rebi and Sando were kind of mysterious, and held themselves a bit away from the rest of the troupe, but Azuraito was determined to get to know them. Through his relationship with them, he hopes to learn much more about his abilities and the supernatural part of the world that they both experience. [tethysdust]
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Buen manga. Es 1 lastima q aún tenga tan pocos scans. Han pasado años desde q inició

One word: Emura. <3

I love it when I suddenly start thinking of manga that hasn't updated in awhile and the next day it updates xD


Also is it possible that the grandma is Catole then? But I doubt it actually since the names are different....Sando and Kahlua. I wonder if there is any connection at all really

By the way, anyone know if there is any relation to Michibata no Tenshi besides EMURA being the mangaka? Like did Emura write this manga as a sort of spin off of Michibata no Tenshi? The storyline is very similar--Ruby and Catole, Sando and Kahlua, Azu+troupe and Tequila+family troupe, "The Book" and the Book of Ega, and a mysterious "clan" in both. The basic materials are very similar except Azu can see the beyond and there is no romantic context involved like between Catole and Tequila.


But I really prefer this story so far. Emura has been writing a few mangas with kind of ditzy but cute and kind girls. I like Ruby's mystery and air of command and confidence. Also like the lack of romantic context so far. 

interesting! looking forward for next chapter! XD

Adventurous and mysterious.. Leaves me curious. But cute. And not deeper than your average shoujo.

Been waiting to see this manga. Glad to see it finally take off. I hope we'll see it regularly.

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