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Infinite Stratos - Official Anthology Comic

Alt Names: alt Infinite Stratos: Official Anthology Bookalt IS (Infinite Stratos) Official Anthology Comicalt IS Anthology Comicalt IS Fan Anthologyalt IS Official Anthology Book
Author: Yumizuru Izuru
Artist: Various
Genres: Action ActionComedy ComedyHarem HaremMecha MechaSci-fi Sci-fiShounen Shounen
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Ichika, a male, from some reason has been able to move the IS a weapon only women can use. And now, he is to enter the IS Academy, an institute designed to develop the skills of said pilots.

Join the childhood friend Houki, the aristocrat Cecilia, the transferee Rin, the boyish Charles, the somewhat scary Laura, the ever girl-surrounded Ichika and their friends in this school of love-comedy!

> Spin-off of Infinite Stratos
( http://www.batoto.net/comic/_/infinite-stratos-r425 )
( http://www.batoto.net/comic/_/comics/infinite-stratos-yuuki-homura-r9064 )
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Damnnnnnn......I hope they do the second volume! I even like this more than

the manga itself! Freaking hilarious and cute at the same time.
Chifuyu's chapter was the highlight for me. XD All of others chapters I can imagine seeing the girls doing the absurd things they did. Sorry Charles....Chifuyu ftw!!!

That chapter killed me. XD
I liked the whole thing but I darn near died reading the Chifuyu chapter. "Wuv, Wuv" indeed. :D
and i have also taken quite a liking to chifuyu-nee
agree'd with cydric. charles is in my top 2 favorite characters. but idk i like tsunderes so i think imma have to wait for the first childhood friend houki :/

Yay Cydric is also in Char camp XD
Is there more of this? Because I need more of this.
lol, all those pages passed in an instant for me.
Charles FTW!!! No one else is better than her!!!
Posted Image
@yariel, because the author is really sick and the conflict is more with the company he works for.
Some of the artist are hentai artist. I'm not complaining though. Kazahana Chiruwo is still the same with Chifuyu.
A fun read.
because conflict between author and reader ... meh ...

BTW, if it's being continued ...
I have strange feeling Ichika harem trouble might even create world war ...
I was laughing my ass off at the Chifuyu one. I think I'd rather read this one over the main version. Even more so since the author of the LN's is probably not going to finish the series...
the LN is pretty harem already but this is a bit over the top :D
Shouldn't it be "life4kaoru" now?

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