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It's My Life

Alt Names: alt イッツマイライフ
Author: Narita Imomushi
Artist: Narita Imomushi
Genres: Comedy ComedyDrama DramaFantasy FantasyRomance RomanceShounen ShounenSlice of Life Slice of LifeSupernatural Supernatural
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: Astra Ludger Doomsday, former captain of the royal knights has finally achieved his dearest wish: To retire and use his savings to get his very own house.
But not long after finally arriving to his sanctuary, a young girl crashlands into his house. The girl is an apprentice witch, and seems to mistake Astra for someone else...

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Title Group Contributor Date
Vol.4 Ch.25.1: When The Wild Wind Blows
Kirei Cake Rumia 5 days ago
Ch.24.5: Omake: Yaboyoh Plushie - Trying to be Merchandise
Kirei Cake Rumia 2 weeks ago
Vol.4 Ch.24: Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?
Kirei Cake Rumia 3 weeks ago

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Why they did this to me!? Life is depressing enough.


Who wants to bet he buried her, waited until an apple tree grew from her grave, and then ate the apples before leaving?

You know, behind all the cutesy moe floffel that pervades this manga, I forget that behind it all it is metal as fuck.


Well, that is one backstory that got depressing fast... Not what I expected.

Something tells me Gor wont be getting that apple pie..

[author] So you wanted some more Gor Gor? Here , have some Gor Gor backstory ... and I also some tissues ... [/author]


Seriously, if a goof sidekick gets this as backstory, I wonder how many dams will burst when we get to Noah's one ;)

Cries in gor

I have mixed reactions.


I'm really happy we get to see Gor-Gor's backstory but at the same time I shed a tear reading about his past.


Just keep waiting for that apple pie Gor, it'll eventually come. *sniff*

Lets add more feels to the final few pages of the chapter.

i'm not crying, YOU'RE CRYING! *Sniff*

Who knows maybe Riff also has a tragic back story on why she left her adventuring and gone to a remote but peaceful town. At first , I thought the reason is her perversion but after this I could not be too sure.

After rereading there are few subtle foreshadowing. In one it state the eyeless dragon eat corpses and there is a reason why he has a sweeth tooth. In this
https://bato.to/reader#c504b412151613ae_4we could see a one eye monster with tentacles.

And here we could see the name https://bato.to/reader#c504b412151613ae_21

Name of the plushie should be 'minor businesses'


That is not the character I would have expected to have a heartbreaking backstory.

There will come the time when all of the followers of "It's my house" look back at this Gor Gor mini arc and say:
those were really sweet and happy moments in the story, ... at least sweet and happy moments if you compare them to whats happening now.

Suddenly the Feel Hammer hit me...



Author, you better give Gor-Gor/El Dorado an happy story now! No more "we're leaving you behind" bullshit, okay?!

Ravioli, Ravioli, Dragons should not eat a loli.

Who the heck names their kid Anathema, though?

Is not like she is any better, she finds a silver white dragon and name's him El Dorado, that's like getting a golden retriever and naming them Shadow.

Who the heck names their kid Anathema, though?

Her father was probably a fan of the band, maybe?

Jesus christ I'm having feelings now

What a shitty way to end life. Just passing through to the end. It stinks.

Ah it looks like it's beginning to rain....


Next chapter surely 100 time more painful than now.
- Gor/Eldorado Eating his owner corpse, that is his last carnivore feast.
- Gor/Eldorado dont have an Eyes, so I suppose he want to cry loudly but can't
- Stand still for 100 years without budging Until Astra and Noah arrives

If it's this devastating to see Gor's backstory, then Beholder plushie must be truly heartbreaking.

oh nooes, who is cutting onions here

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