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Alt Names: alt ユンボルalt ユンボル‐JUMBOR‐荒野の床暖房alt 重机人间Jumboralt Yumboralt Yunbor
Author: MIKAMI Hiromasa & TAKEI Hiroyuki
Artist: TAKEI Hiroyuki
Genres: Action ActionAdventure AdventureMecha MechaSci-fi Sci-fiSeinen SeinenSupernatural Supernatural
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: This series is the reboot to the original Weekly Shonen Jump series Juuki Ningen Jumbor (Jumbor Barutronica). This manga takes place in an alternate universe from the original story, but features many of the same characters.

Baru Craw died during the start of Genber's World Construction Project. However, he wakes up 10 years later as a jumbor.

MIKAMI Hiromasa is the story writer for the series. His name can also be credited as MIUE Yuma.
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I miss this manga....

Oh snap! I randomly decided to search this series up last night and it got updated when I came back to this tab the next day ha!

Well butter me up and call me a biscuit. Here I thought everyone else had lost interest in this series years ago. I'm glad to be proven wrong.

Also, the trencher in chapter nine looks like a penis...

This thing's surprisingly interesting.

It's by the same guy that did Shaman King


previous "Jumbor s1" (this is Jumbor s2 remake) never did make it big and cancelled after volume 1.


so the author restarted another one, this one. (up to volume 8 now I think)

This thing's surprisingly interesting.

How many times have I read jumbor now? From the very start, before KZB was even finished... damn I feel old now. Suppose I'll wait and see if this one actually finishes this time.

Thanks for the update, much appreciated

Its been so long my friendali_071.gif

Has been like 3 years since last update? O_O

Never expected Mankin-Trad to continue this series... srsly you have my gratitude :DD


Edit: looked it up: November 2010

Volume 8 cover:


Sucks that I can't seem to find anymore translated chapters for this.

This is not a continuation of the original Jūki Ningen Jumbor (a.k.a. Jumbor Barutronica), which was written by Takei Hiroyuki and serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump, but a reboot serialized in Ultra Jump after two oneshots written by Mikami Hiromasa were met with popularity in that magazine. There is no continuity between the original story, the oneshots, and this reboot, but the characters and concept remain more or less the same.

I play this song each time I read this mangaPosted Image
@veneficae: you might be thinking of http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=5455

this is a continuation, but technically a different series (:
ongoing series? last i remember, this ended around 20 chapters in.
There are two oneshots to this, and then the ongoing series :3

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