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Junjou Drop

Alt Names: alt Junjou Cider
Author: NAKAHARA Aya
Artist: NAKAHARA Aya
Genres: Comedy ComedyRomance RomanceShoujo Shoujo
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Recently-rejected Saki Momota is having a hard time getting over her first love. While picking up her younger brother from school, Saki bumps into Akai Ryuuichi, the class delinquent who's rumored to be able to shoot lazer-beams from his eyes. Could this day get any worse?
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This seems to be nakahara aya's newer works judging by the art and more cliche story but nevertheless I always like her steady gentle pacing and this one is no exception.

There were no annoying characters which most of us appreciate, hence no drama which works for short stories.

The two things that really worked for this particular story are the adorable kids and a chapter with the male mc's pov.

The kids look super adorable and they help push the story/romance forward.

I mean it is SO likely of kids to blabber what they hear right away and it is so simple and direct that it pushes the romance forward without too much of the keeping silent and moping on the side thing that usually happens.

I mean she did want to keep quiet about it understandably, since she was rejected once before.

We even get a chapter from akai's pov and it rounds out on what he thinks and why he would date her.

Usually in romance shojo manga, we only get one side on why they like the person, and the other sideas we just accept that they like them back, but it never feels 'full circle'

The romance like nakahara's other works are understated but this one was ok.
Scary guy who's actually nice? Cute kids? No drama and misunderstandings?

This is all my favorite things rolled into one.

I clicked on this by accident and found hidden awesomeness. Oh ye gods of fate, toying with us mortals

Why the heck these kind of jewels don't last longer and we get longer crap rolling because of panty shots and crap like that?


Sigh, thanks for scan this, this is really a piece of art.


Manly tears of joy where shed....

D'awww, this was sweet. Akai-kun is a treasure.
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Me encanta la historia!!!

this, oh my god, just soooooooooooo sweeeeeeeeeet

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If I had known this was going to be THIS FREAKIN' SWEET, I wouldn't have eaten that cookie for breakfast too. Happybarf.


I guess that's what happens when you don't add unnecesary and annoying missunderstandings and drama to the story, warm and fuzzy feelings for everybody in only 5 chapters.

waaaah that was so cute @_@

*Reads description* Well, that looks okay, I guess... The art's kinda meh.. Who wrote it? *Checks mangaka's name* ... Nakahara Aya. ._. Dot... Dot... Dot... *Clicks follow button*

Awwww super cute! This isn't your average shoujo :)

It was ADORABLE! So cute! I really like Akai-kun's character. He is sooooo cool!! Most of the time when the heroine is found to be spending time with the male lead, the extras always assumes that they are boyfriend and girlfriend. It's interesting how the people in their school thought that she is an ex-delinquent instead of saying that she's in a relationship with him. XD Akai-kun's love for his niece is also heart warming </3 T__T He's soooo adorable really. That expressionless face suddenly showing emotion when it involves Kokona! I'm envious. haha. This manga was a nice read. Aoyama-kun is so funny. XD His costumes are hillarious. XD And the face he makes when he's acting? Priceless. XD

this is like an oasis in the middle of desert.

Thank you for the releases, it was really enjoyable. ^^

Nothing like the old Love...no $ex, no abruptly kisses, holding hands ect. Just the poor innocent love. It was a nice read.

Wah, I think I have diabetes now... this short series is too dang sweet (●´∀`●)

I think this is one of the very few series I read in which the main character liked two guys who aren't jerks, and are actually rather sweet and 200% likeable~

Fuzzy feelings!! >ω< ThankYou for your great work DazzlingScans! n_n

Thanks so much for completing the series! And am I the only one who thinks Akai looks hot and not scary at all? He has a rock star look about him. Kinda reminds me a bit of Hyde, actually.

Ahh nice, one of a few shoujo manga i can enjoy

Hehehe!  MMmmmm, made my evening.

I've seen a few of these guys-who-look-fierce-but-are-nice stories, and I almost always like them.  Add in that it's Nakahara Aya and of course it'll be good, eh?


c ute short stories like these are so awesome to read...

Love the series! Too bad it's so short.

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