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Kaeri Michi

Alt Names: alt 帰り道 (諸星大二郎)alt The Way Home
Author: MOROHOSHI Daijirou
Artist: MOROHOSHI Daijirou
Genres: Horror HorrorSupernatural Supernatural
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: Wednesday, September 7, 2011
The Way Home [Yuu Vol. 10]
So this is a oneshot from volume 10 of a horror magazine (or "ghostly magazine" as they call it) called Yuu (幽), website here. It contains short stories by various authors (some of which I'm working on translations of to post here), articles about things that are paranormal in some way (in this issue there was an article about the internet trend called ひとりかくれんぼ (or "one man hide and seek" as it's known in the west I think) and a collection of interviews about the dark side of maid cosplay, haha), photographs, "true" stories, and there's an annual literary prize, so in this issue there was a section written by people involved with the judging process with commentary about the entries and what makes a good horror story.

There's also a manga section. This issue had four 6-page stories and a 12-page story each by a different mangaka. The one that I chose to translate for today is kind of similar to Fuan no Tane in that it has that urban legend, real-ish feel to it, though slightly longer and with more dialog.

Click on the image for "The Way Home" (帰り道)
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Yeah, it feels like Fuan no Tane.

Cute. It looks like the kind of scary stories kids tell at night at the school trip. With a candle to set the atmosphere. Other than that, how does the brother know? And what makes them think it's hostile?

where's the English version?

Sigan haciendo más mangas de estos, son geniales!

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