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Kamisama Hajimemashita

Alt Names: alt จิ้งจอกเย็นชากับสาวซ่าเทพจำเป็นalt 元气少女缘结神alt 神様はじめましたalt Divine Nanamialt 见习元气女神alt Kami-sama Hajimemashitaalt Kamisama Kissalt Разрешите представиться - Бог
Author: SUZUKI Julietta
Artist: SUZUKI Julietta
Genres: Action ActionComedy ComedyDrama DramaFantasy FantasyHistorical HistoricalMystery MysteryRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShoujo ShoujoSlice of Life Slice of LifeSupernatural Supernatural
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: Momozono Nanami’s dad, a man with a penchant for gambling, disappeared after accumulating a huge amount of debt. Thus, she was chased out of her house by the debt collectors. When she met a timid guy being chased by a dog, he told her that he’d give her his house. She believed his persuasive talk, but when she went to his house… it turned out to be a shrine. Moreover, a guy with fox ears appeared, which made Nanami even more confused. What will become of homeless and confused Nanami?

============Staff Notice================
Unfortunately the comic (or parts of it) was scanlated by groups that don't allow re-hosting of licensed content. Sorry for the inconvenience.
==========Notice End==============
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Title Group Contributor Date
Vol.25 Ch.149 Read Online
Natsu Scanlation Yasnify 5 days ago
Vol.25 Ch.148 Read Online
Natsu Scanlation Yasnify A week ago

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Ultimo capitulo hermoso como deseaba, pero no quería que llegara a su fin, extrañaré las ocurrencias de Nanami y el sarcasmo de Tomoe. Me enamoré de cada uno de los personajes. ToT gracias al staff por traducirlo.

waaa, que hermosooooo ;v; saber que se acabo dan ganas de llorar pero felicidad al ver que fue un final tan bonito para este manga tan genial~ 

Solo queda un capitulo más para que termine. T.T

 lo voy a echar de menos :(

Solo queda un capitulo más para que termine. T.T

Pls update soon!!! I want to know what happen! Pls... And also i would like to thank you for your hardwork! Thanks!

Que capitulo tan lindo ToT, no quiero que termine esta historia.


Gracias por su duro trabajo!!!

It's been a while since I last read. I remember trying to translate chapter 127 from Chinese because I wanted to find out what happened so badly.


...Now that I scanlate, I don't have as much time to read :(

The latest chapter reaffirms my belief in Tomoe's love for Nanami. Not that I had any doubts, but...sometimes it's good to have a nice refresher.

Omg... I cannot even. Reading this turned out to be a lot better than I was expecting. What an emotional roller coaster. It kinda reminds me of InuYasha doe... Lol.

I thought so too :D 

Omg... I cannot even. Reading this turned out to be a lot better than I was expecting. What an emotional roller coaster. It kinda reminds me of InuYasha doe... Lol.

chicosss, no me pueden pasar los primeros episodioss??? vi la serie y como hay q esperar para las OVAS ya no aguanto, no me pueden mandar el link x favorrr, los amaria eternamenteee!!!!!!!!!!!! 

which is now rendered moot given the newest revelations

Any idea whats going on with releases? I saw they had some stuff up on their facebook a while back but I wasn't quite sure what it was...

Kamisama Hajimemashita on Hana to Yume # 10 cover:

Edit: And the image above became the volume 18 cover:

Edit2: It's announced that Kamisama Hajimemashita has surpassed printing 3,200,000 copies.

I want to see Tomoe bash that mermaid's head into the ground.

I just realized something.



Well she is a God now and the eye was all but used up already so she probably doesn't have to worry about it...

Ouch Tomoe! That had to hurt on so many levels XD

I just realized something.


Funny, I originally didn't care about this series but then I checked out the dub of the anime today and then visited the wiki page and then came here. Didn't expect to find something interesting with romance progression. Sure it seems it took it precisely 100 chapters to get to the dating but seems pretty interesting. It has the usual problems of manga of this nature but it's still a nice manga.



They will need only one umbrella <3

WTH!!!! >o< what is happening there!!? no, really! Someone explain to me...


 Can't wait for the next chapter!!!!
ThankYou Sky of Snow for such great work! ;)

Well I don't think Tomoe would just be fine with that and just go along. Even if he did, he wouldn't be as willing to help her.

Omg this manga. Why can't I find any doujin for it ugh ;_; So many possible ships <3 I love everyone in here. Like literally everyone ;v;
Reading chapters about studying... Reminding me about how I should be studying... :(

When will "Tomoe's best demon friend from the past" show up and ruin these peaceful days?

Just read chapter 101. OH GOD I'M SO RELIEVED. 


I had my doubts, but i'm glad things went for the better. I also think this is ending soon, there's only the part about Akura-Ou left. I don't want it to end yet though. I think Nanami still has to work on being a proper God, and how her relationship with Tomoe is considered a taboo. 

It feels like this is gonna end soon... I DONT WANT IT TO END!!!!!

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