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Kansokusha Tamami

Alt Names: alt Tamami The Observeralt Tamami's Wishful Thinking
Author: Ida Hiroto
Artist: Ida Hiroto
Genres: Comedy ComedySeinen SeinenSupernatural Supernatural
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: From MangaHelpers:
Few people are born to rule, while most others are born to be ruled. Kakoin Seichiro is from the latter group of people, yet he's able to attend Keiho College, a prestigious school where only the wealthy can attend and the students are those who will eventually run the country. Seichiro does this by putting up a façade that gives off the impression that he belongs in this circle and using his great intellect to manipulate people through the use of human psychology. He despises those around him for being born into a gifted situation unlike himself and will use anybody as a stepping stone to make his way up the social ladder.
One day, Seichiro is introduced to Shinmei Tamami, a teenage girl from an incredibly wealthy and powerful family, through being her tutor and discovers that, somehow, she possesses the power to materialize objects. Realizing that this will be his ticket to his dream, he tries to understand and manipulate Tamami’s incredible power.
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Axed at three volumes.

:( it's been awhile

I'm waititng for new chapter ^^

@Russian Translator

MAL says it's completed at 15 chapters



This image was worth it. Now I can shitpost with it.


This story sure is fun :D

Best MC ever. He's so realistic it gives me hives all over the body !

Also very BADASS


He forgot that he's in front of a little girl with his pants fully removed = death flag

I kinda like this douchebag MC mmm...

The MC is so stupid.

I like the main character's "Douche" face

Will read it later but the sipnosis make me thing that the Mc is one someone that rules...

Ugh. It's like the author took two or three separate stories and awkwardly crammed them into one.

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