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Kantai Collection -KanColle- Mutsu Bomb -Mucchan's Explosive Episode- (Doujinshi)

Alt Names: alt Kantai Collection -KanColle- dj - Mutsu Bomb -Mucchan's Explosive Episode-alt [君の為なら死ねる (津留崎優)] むつぼん-むっちゃん爆発するの巻-
Author: Tsurusaki Yuu
Artist: Tsurusaki Yuu
Genres: Comedy ComedyDoujinshi DoujinshiRomance Romance
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Romantic Story about a klutz Mutsu
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This is beautiful. I have no words.

This admiral... what a guy

I thought so from the Nagabon, but this admiral really is the manliest of men I have ever seen.

So, it turns out this had a prequel. It's why something right at the beginning didn't seem right when reading it.




Said prequel is right here.

its lovely

It's final, Tsurusaki Yuu made the best romance comedy in Kancolle doujinshi.
Now waiting for Tatsuta's series :D


Anyway, that's that.

Because of my experimentation and
the contents, I was very excited from
start to finish while drawing this story.
It'd make me happy if everyone who see
this likes Mucchan a little more.







I actually like Mutsu a little more than I used to.

Manga probably directed by Michael Bay

Tsurusaki Yuu is one of my favorite doujin mangaka



and he's done this doujin of my favorite Kanmusu (and my only kanwaifu) and damn..


I'm in tears :'D

Bomber Grape?

Explosion ending!!


Still... the explosion is not as random as Bomber Grape's.

That was good

Bomber Grape?

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