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Kare First Love

Alt Names: alt 彼 first lovealt 「彼」first lovealt 第一恋人alt He's My First Lovealt Lui - il primo amorealt My First Love
Author: MIYASAKA Kaho
Artist: MIYASAKA Kaho
Genres: Drama DramaRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShoujo Shoujo
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: From Viz media:
Timid and self-conscious high school student Karin never paid much attention to boys until she met Kiriya, a popular student from a nearby boys' school. Karin and Kiriya embark on a romantic journey despite Karin's classmate Yuka's best efforts to sabotage their relationship, but Karin soon learns that living happily ever after isn't on the curriculum when she becomes Kiriya's center of attention, as well as embittered Yuka's bull's-eye on her dartboard of hate.

P.S. (there's 58 chapters in total of this series, but I couldn't find chapters 31+ of Oyasumi-Scans, if anyone knows where I can find them just send me a message and I'll upload them. )
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Vol.5 Ch.28 Read Online
Pegasus Dzordi 2 weeks ago

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Is comepleted??
Kare First Love . . . I have a love-hate relationship with this manga. It was one of the first romance manga I ever read, and the whole shoujo romance thing just blew me away. But . . . aaaaangst! Even then it was annoying. These kids are amazingly bad at communication, and there's a lot of really soapy crap. But even looking back it has its good points--steamy feelings, good solid finish, good art. But if I came across it for the first time today, I dunno if I could finish it.
It still feels like a classic to me . . . a classic of cliches and melodrama, but it's like for a lot of the cliches if you want the representative example of it, the one to stick on 'TV Tropes' or something, you'd go to Kare First Love.
@.chiizu it doesn’t. there’s a total of 10 volumes, and 58 chapters. The rest of the chapters are not allowed at Batoto, since there not scanlations, but English scans of said manga. Look around in the interwebs you’ll find it eventually.
it doesnt seem like its supposed to end at 30...

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