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Kare wa Tsumetai Furi o Shite

Alt Names: alt 他只是在装酷alt 彼は冷たいフリをしてalt Kare wa Tsumetai Furi wo Shite
Author: HOSHIMORI Yukimo
Artist: HOSHIMORI Yukimo
Genres: Romance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShoujo Shoujo
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Story 1 - Kare wa Tsumetai Furi o Shite (He Who Pretends to be Cold) - Chapters 1-3
Wishing to become a shining girl and be in a romantic love. Kaho starts a part time job in a family restaurant to save up her allowance. Due to the tension from a new job, she accidentally injures her co-worker Arata, a handsome college student. To this result, the two are teamed up on the same shifts. Kaho is timid towards Arata's cold attitude, but realizes he has some soft sides and...?!

Sweet & Painful first love story.

Story 2 - Sawacha Dame! (Don't Touch Me!) - Chapter 4
Momo hates boys, the idea of being touched by them disgusts her. One day, the reason for her hatred and trauma returns.

Story 3 - 17cm Saki no Kata Omoi (The Unrequited Love Beyond 17cm) - Chapter 5
Sarishima has always loved Sho, despite the fact that Sho is always being mocked for being short.

Story 4 - Tsumetaku Shinai De (Don't Be Cold) - Chapter 6
Maki Kurumi wants to grow up catch up to her childhood friend, Sou-chan, who just happens to be her teacher.
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stupendo!! mi e molto piaciuta la prima storia... spero di leggere anche le altre 2 in italiano :) comunque grazie per il vostro duro lavoro ^-^

The author needs to see a real basket ball. He draws a so small ball that it might fit only handball competition

I always find the height difference problem/complex to be a tad bit exaggerated/ unrealistic. 

So the first story, the 3 ch. one, is absolutely standard and cliche.  I loved it.  So sweet--love, sincerity, tears, the girl sooo cute.  This is the stuff that keeps me coming back to simple sweet vanilla shoujo.

Not big on the 2nd story (ch 4), liked the 3rd (ch 5) and was OK with the 4th (ch 6).  All basic familiar shoujo romance.

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