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Kengai Princess

Alt Names: alt 圏外プリンセス
Author: AIDA Natsumi
Artist: AIDA Natsumi
Genres: Comedy ComedyDrama DramaRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShoujo Shoujo
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: Meguro Mito has always been made fun of for her chubby appearance. Her sole happiness is discussing her favorite role-play game with her two best friends. One day, while she is being bullied, a handsome classmate saves her. Is this the beginning of her first love?
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I honestly wonder what type of girl would suit kunimatsu, since does he even like girls?

IDK, somehow I can't imagine him liking someone.

But maybe a carefree and positive girl might go well with him. Someone who can take care of him, since he seems very clumsy at times.

Somehow I feel compelled to say this before the manga ends:  I always find myself thinking of this as "Ken-guy Princess".

I know people complain about the second "arc" being different from the first, but I think it makes sense. The first bit of her being in middle school was about her trying to improve herself. When she reaches highschool she's "made it" and improved herself, but it hasn't solved all her issues - you can see that when she's introducing herself and joking about her name (which she practiced at home and is nervous about). It's not like she became cute and beautiful and she "won" at life. She's still learning and working through her feelings and trying to navigate relationships. 


And honestly the main draw for me is that Kunimatsu isn't a love interest anymore and just a really close friend to Meguro. I get the feeling that even if she confessed again he'd turn her down. It's just...really nice to have an attractive, well rounded and kind character that isn't there just to cause drama. They love each other, but they're not "in love."

And then she ends up alone....


Or not.


Duh... predictable ending.


He will come.

My thoughts on chapter 32, page 26:


Nope girl, it looks like you're groping his ass.

New reader here. I really like this manga, well the first half before she started high school.
Seeing the comments, the general consensus is how good kunimatsu is, and I agree. The first half of the manga feels more personal, slice of life with character exploration and development.
I relate a lot with mito and her strive to improve herself, self confidence issues etc.
The mangaka took the TIME to develop her growth; it was gradual.
That's why I didn't understand her creative choice in the high school arc, with Kanata being her endgame. Well it's not like I didn't understand it, more like...honestly felt the mangaka didn't plan on Kanata when she was starting her story.
It was like she was debating what to do with kunimatsu, where to take the story right before the high school arc started.
Sure Kanata gave her advice a few times throughout the what 20+ chapters, but we saw him like 3 times, and his impression didn't last that big, at least to the readers.
If she did plan for Kanata during the second half, I wished she took the Time to explore his character when he became a major player in the story.
His backstory was told with such 'here I have a typical sob story in 3 sentences' both told by the mangaka and Kanata himself, that I didn't care all that much.
He's a player, sleeps around, has issues, and if she took the time to properly explore these issues, I would have felt what the mangaka wanted us to think of him.
He has a rule that he only dates girls 3 times, but all the while when we were told this, and when he verbatim that, I didn't care, because his character felt so Flat.
Sure, his interactions with mito during their date was cute, but I still felt mito liking him was too soon and vice versa.
Ok, mito liked kunimatsu early too (most romance Mangas have this issue). It's always weird when high school students who aren't even in the same class and don't know their crush well go and confess. "I like you" in that stage feels more like "I am infatuated with you." Can you really like Like a person that you don't even know much about, besides the or appearance or what you know on the surface? Sure you can like them as a crush, but I feel you need a lot more interactions with that person before you can really say you like them.
That's why I felt the whole mito x Kanata was too soon. The manga a should have been longer, at least for me.
It's not because i like kunimatsu so much that i don't really buy Kanata endgame. I would have been cool with it, had the mangaka properly took the time to develop his character and his interactions with mito.
Also, had the mangaka not include the whole scene of kunimatsu punching the guy for mito's sake, I wouldn't have been so reluctant to say goodbye to his character, haha.
That whole scene and kunimatsu himself was so well done that, HOW can you drop him off the story progression?
Maybe the comany themself wanted the manga to end early? Or the mangaka wanted to.
I was thinking before the high school arc started, what if we see mito going through high school and into college, changing, becoming a more confident person, and meeting kunimatsu again, and have them develop.
On the other hand, the thing I liked was when mito compared kunimatsu with Kanata and how she liked them differently.
If you think about it, mito never really had all that many interactions with kunimatsu outside of class, and she never saw all of his different sides. That's why she said she idolized him, admired him, and consequently liked him.
With kanata, she saw all of his sides, his playboy ones, his vulnerable side, and his 'good' side under the bad boy facade. Shes seen it all, so her 'like' with him seems more grounded in reality, which is ironic since he looks like a virtual character of her game.
I was thinking kunimatsu appearing again would contribute to some kind of love triangle, or at least have him around longer to push kanata and mito forward.
So yeah tl;dr, high school arc with kanata just didn't feel fully developed, like the mangaka suddenly had to end it within a few chapters. (The whole issue with kanata's mom being introduced felt so short and rushed too).

I started reading at the second half and then went back to the beginning and I feel the opposite. I'm actually surprised they brought the first guy back at all because he was so nondescript and shallow that his existence really seemed like a strawman: built up to be torn down as per the heroine's character development. He wasn't a full fledged character, just a plot device masquerading as one.

That is a great comment but you should probably put most of it in spoiler tags cuz rules.

I love this manga. You feel for Mito-chan so much. You know she has a chance with Kanata but life keeps happening. Another thing I've noticed is Mito really grew into her face.

TT_TT I need more please, I just discovered this today...

just 6 caps more.... translate it please.

Why are shoujo guys with even the slightest character depth always such nutless self-cuckolding betas?

This last chapter...TIME TO FLIP SOME TABLES!!!


Glad to see Kunimatsu back in action though.

The guys have the same face, so glad their hair is at least different lengths so I can tell them apart

What did you do Natsumi-sensei!? The triangle no, please!!!
Thanks for the chapters Rain boots!!

Now if only he'd take his job more seriously with, say, Bleach . . .

Well, it's true that he took his time with that one but, more than Bleach, I wonder when the reaper will become serious with to love ru... Let's set free Yabuki Kentarou! I want a Black Cat 2 or at least a serialisation based on Futagami Double... D:

Wrong! He left, but not before completing his task... Wi1YwQt.jpg

Now if only he'd take his job more seriously with, say, Bleach . . .

OMO! The two guys... They meet. 

So if the Grim Reaper isn't following this manga any more, does that mean it can never die?

Wrong! He left, but not before completing his task...

what the


i feel like i just read a chapter of any ole shoujo out there lolol

This high school arc is like a totally different manga. 


Pretty disappointing, had high hopes for this. 

welp, if its gon be liek dat, simple




there, with no implication or whatsoever, manga became dull for my taste, i just unfollowed it because it has no more strings on me


So if the Grim Reaper isn't following this manga any more, does that mean it can never die?


That was not a great chapter to jump back into this series with. Such drama. Such shoujo.

Thanks Rainboots & Co. for your hard work though!

GEH! That was going to very dark realms there. I was about to go slappity-slap on Kanata's handsome face, then kick his balls.

I actually like how the story's developed. Yeah it decided to go into the shoujo cliche route a bit but I still see a strong semblance of humor, writing, and wonderful characters I've loved about the manga.


Personal opinion, I like seeing the development of the characters and their interactions with one another. I'm still invested in what's going to happen even if the audience knows they'll end up together. Part of me wishes they didn't so as not to be a total shoujo cliche, but I'm not against them getting together either. He's already acknowledged her before and during Mito's transitioning, she's cuter now but has retained her personality while growing self-esteem. It's because of those reasons I am actually invested to see this thing through......even though the updates are so FEW AND FAR BETWEEN :(


I want more Kengai Princess dang it!

wow mito x kanata is canon now


and how about kunimatsu? mito is so fast to move on :|

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