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Kenja no Ishi

Alt Names: alt Batu Bertuahalt Elixiralt 賢者の石alt Ofiukusu no Keifualt Senya no Tabibitoalt The Philosopher's Stonealt Zakuro no Meikyuu
Author: Akino Matsuri
Artist: Akino Matsuri
Genres: Adventure AdventureFantasy FantasyHistorical HistoricalHorror HorrorJosei JoseiMystery MysterySupernatural Supernatural
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: The mysterious alchemist Lorenzo Lusignano, a descendant of the royal family of Cyprus, is searching for the ultimate secret of alchemy – the Philosopher’s stone “Elixir.” Rumors of this blood-red gem creep everywhere, but nobody seems to have seen it, so Lorenzo’s travels through Europe’s Renaissance are never easy. Follow him on his journey as he meets kings and queens, witches and wizards, pirates and gypsies, fairy-tale creatures and monsters, and even gods.
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Three chapters? Thank you very much, Aerandria!

Update when? ;_;

An interesting storyline, with good art and cool characters. Definite read for Josei readers-it's verified by Aerandria picking it up :) I sometimes wonder about the timing of it all though because Lorenzo appears to be perpetually at university despite the amount of traveling he does...

This is soooo goood! Thanx for translating it!

Thanks for the update!

its good

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