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Kimi ja Nakya Dame Nanda

Alt Names: alt 君じゃなきゃダメなんだ。alt 非君莫属alt 非你莫屬alt It's not okay if it's not you.alt Kimi ja na Kya Dame Nandaalt Kimi janakya damena nda.
Author: TAJIMA Mimi
Artist: TAJIMA Mimi
Genres: Romance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShoujo Shoujo
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: Nanoka's grandfather, right before dying, tells her that she's not alone -- she has a brother. But when Nanoka arrives at the address her grandfather gave her, she finds out that there are two brothers there! They aren't related by blood, and Nanoka has no idea which one is her brother. Is it Aoi or Kou?
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hahaha yes but unfortunately dead. 

Hazard of the trade, eh what?

hahaha yes but unfortunately dead. 

Well, of course our heroine is of the variety that's unnaturally forgiving.

That tied up scene . . . nice sensual tension!  Meanwhile, coming up we have the classic

!!!  If we can't get some progress there, it can't be done.


I see our purple ghost is purple once again!  Jolly good.

Hahah! SFX ghost, how could you abandon our colour?
OK, so I was expecting the revenge to consist of
but not yet anyway. Don't quite get these idiots' plan.
I know... I don't deserve this name T_T
@Purple your own username and you can't spell it XD
Bwhahaha can't spell purple XD
bwhahaha you nailed it puple guy. xD
Whoops! End of ch. 18 shifts us from

This could get hamfisted fast if it's not done pretty carefully.
Just started reading this. Looks like it's a rough shoujo ride.
is ti drop?
i dont really like the lead guy characters, they dont strike me as attractive in any way, but thats just my own preference, the story itself isnt as bad and cliche as it sounds, the author doesnt over do it
This manga is, of course, dripping with cliche. How many shoujo have I seen with pretty much this exact same setup? And the characters are far from original; they fit squarely into very classic "types" of shoujo romance.
But it's good. The characters are standard, but good, well drawn renditions of their sort. The plot is normal, but the details are handled well. The pace is good, not too fast but moving along nicely, the feel is lively, backstory revelations doled out skilfully. The art is pretty decent. In general, the craftsmanship is good. If you like a nice classic shoujo romance it's well worth a try.

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