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Kimi ni Shika Kikoenai

Alt Names: alt Can You Hear Me?
Author: Otsuichi
Artist: Kiyohara Hiro
Genres: Drama DramaShounen ShounenSupernatural SupernaturalTragedy Tragedy
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: A timid schoolgirl imagines owning the ideal cellphone in her head, but one day, there is a connection; the phone rings in her head, and someone is on the line!

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Just finished this one, quite a sad story and the art is good. But I can't help but think


dammit I feel like an emotionless bastard after reading that story and the comment you guys left. I did not feel the same way : certainly the story and art were good but I didn't feelt as sad as you people said it was :S

Reading for the first time? Hop on the bus, we're just getting ready to depart.

Hope you're ready for a incredible feel trip, reader, because that's where we're off to.

All feelings are non-refundable, and likely to be unforgettable. Please be sure to prepare yourself for these feels in advance, because we cannot be held responsible for any tearing up, outbursts of emotion, or otherwise that may occur while reading this remarkable story.

a hidden gem. glad i found it.


All these feels...

mind blown

Beautifully told, beautifully drawn. Arrrgghhh so many feeeeelllss! 


Highly recommended read!

Wow. One of the best shojo manga I've read in a LONG time. 

this is yet another legend !

Well, that was a short but profound read ;___;

I mean it doesn't send you tumbling to the floor in tears, but man. Bittersweet to the max. 

...no matter how many times I read this, it keeps the same effect. Rather cute read... yeah...

Loved the story
But why did he have to die i mean -_-
Damn you ch 3~!!

[spoiler]This could have been a longer drama I suppose. It's well worth the read.[/spolier]
that was amazing!
Damn... soo good ugh ;_;
The distinct art style and the way the story was told....*coughs blood* soo good.
Definitely a gem out there, high recommended for others.

On a side note, for chapter ch2 page 17. did anyone else thought of Hitsuji no Uta ?
makes my eyes all red because of too much tears.. :'(

beautiful story, beautiful art.. love the ending..
Amazing should sum it up nicely :)
i got it at the last phonecall , and was like heeelll noooo , but yes... this just made me sad..
such a good story..
That's one of my favourite.
They should make it a good ending...

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