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Kimi no Ai de Motenashite

Alt Names: alt I'm Not Welcoming Your Love!
Author: Umezawa Marina
Artist: Umezawa Marina
Genres: Oneshot OneshotRomance RomanceShoujo Shoujo
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
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The execution is typical - candy sweet with the usual skinship but lacking in any real flavor.

Real flavor comes from herbs and spices and condiments, simmering with your protein.

Just boiling protein with sugar will not make your food tasty.

Didn't have a clue why the guy even likes her. We'll it's shoujo, two people who meet for two seconds can fall in love.

e ottimo lo adoro :D

I wanted to see the classy reaction of the bystanders T.T

well that escalated quickly...

Adorbs!:D but the P.O.Vs were kinda messed up in the end :/
Bunny-chi thinks it vewy lovey-dovey =>
I thought this oneshot was really sweet and I agree with Eldau, kurara and Purple Library Guy, don't go by the first comment, the story is quite enjoyable.
Eh, standard. Nothing really special about this one.
I would probably say that

Well anyway, such a sweet shoujo made me quite happy on such a gloomy day today is.
Really bothersome that it is a oneshot and not the start of a series, even though i can see it might be better staying as a oneshot.
I don't see any airhead nor douchebag.. Story is about a girl going to a butler cafe and falls in love with the butler. What is awaiting for them next? Read to find out XD
Thanks Chibi Manga & Electromaster.
Harsh, man. She's not really an airhead. She's just not a player. I thought it was cute.
Sure, it's taffy-sweet shoujo, but that's what I'm here for.
Bah, airhead female with a douchebag turned nice guy plot again.

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