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Kimi no Knife

Alt Names: alt 君のナイフalt Kimi no Naifualt Your Knifealt Твой Нож
Author: KOTEGAWA Yua
Artist: KOTEGAWA Yua
Genres: Action ActionAdventure AdventureFantasy Fantasy
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: "If you can get 5 million yen for killing a person, what would you do?" A beautiful woman asks Shiki, a part-time lecturer, that question on their first meeting. Shiki answers "If it's an evil person...," mistaking this for a joke. But then the woman points out the target...
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The following content is intended for mature audiences and may contain sexual themes, gore, violence and/or strong language. Discretion is advised.

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I remember reading this manga long ago, I quite liked it.

Man, starts off pretty strong, but the last couple of volumes really fall apart, don't they...?

Haven't had my heart racing in a long time. Tragic ending and it really drove a lot of helplessness and despair to the reader seeing how lives are a commodity and how people in power shelter themselves from the dog eat dog world that they rule over.

Not worth reading, the plot pretty much falls apart past the 7th volume. Also, what's with all the untagged spoilers in the comments?

If you liked this read this manga Phantom - Requiem for the Phantom and there is anime to!

An amazing manga!, one of my favorites. The ending fits perfectly, It didn't seem axed or rushed.

That was a pretty disappointing ending. Like how it went absolutely nowhere with the mind reading thing. Or how it felt like it was just quickly bunched together to tie up loose ends. Or how the main characters psychological development stopped being relevant. Or how the romance part didn't really go anywhere...

The ending just made everything that's happened so far painfully irrelevant.

And most importantly, the guy who needed a good ending the most didn't get it!


I don't know, in the end it just felt like another one of these alleged "tragadies" that do nothing but stack up as many sad things as it can to give the reader feels. But once you actually start thinking about it you'll realize how staged and hollow the entire thing actually was.

Very good manga except the rushed and predictable end leaving way to much question




I thought it was just a jab to make the readers wonder "what if?" When


Good series.

Ouch guys, god damn I am really sorry. :( [snip]


Thanks for responding so quickly--I PM'ed you about it and within minutes, you replied to me & took care of it here.


Too few people actually go back & hide spoilers, and even fewer do it so quickly after it's pointed out directly to them. Well done!

Ouch guys, god damn I am really sorry. :( To be honest it was my intention to wrap the entire thing in a spoiler tag when I wrote it and somehow I spaced on it. Jeeze, I feel really bad now. 

You dick. Fucking spoilers. I haven't even started the series, yet.

Spoiled for me too. Even his/her quote needs to have a spoiler alert on it. :(





That said, rather good series.  I felt like the ending was a bit abrupt, but I could sense things coming to an end, anyway.


You dick. Fucking spoilers. I haven't even started the series, yet.

A smart way to end this series. I didn't see the end coming which is always fine in a mystery. I did get a sense of closure and yes, I do think one can paint the whole picture with a little bit of reason and alot more imagination. Which is good. Good art not only feeds but feeds on imagination. I do not believe the way the characters acted was too inconsitent with reality, nor do I think anything cheesy, positive or obvious would have sufficed. It was smart, mature and yet quite naive - a contradiction that made it appealing.




"Hi, I'll just break the fourth wall and look innocent as hell".

fk bad endings

 5/5 cry

I dunno why, but I suddenly clicked on some random series.

Looking at the cover I didn't expect much, cuz it looked kinda... lame, but

I was so wrong. Read the first chapter and


 'OMG! I have to continue reading!!!'


I read it all in one go and my conclusion: overall it was written very well!

All actions interferring with each other, how it is all connected...




My final thoughts


This series is very interesting and hooks u really up. Prepare for tragic end though...


Not everything categorized under mystery genre means all "truth" must be revealed. if the translation stayed accurate, Kotegawa did said its a fantasy hitman story. And in case people overlooked it, the alt name of this Manga is: Your Knife. What else do you expect?


The pace is just right for young adults. In my opinion, the ending wasn't rushed in any way, loose ends is bound to happen no matter which Manga it is, as the author or editor needs to consider the pages available for each volume.
Tragedy stories often gives the abrupt ending feels but is pretty common if you have watched detective drama/movie before. Judging by kotegawa's past work, I don't think there is a continuation.

The MC 

seems like a fitting ending to me. Still, I would have preferred for him to end up in prison and to find redemption for the things he did.


Maybe.  On the other hand, I kind of like that the story didn't end with "justice" done, since "justice" was never really part of anything that happened in it... even if some people pretended that was the case.


It would have been nice to have a "happy ending" for everyone maybe, but at the same time I think it would have undercut the story.  But that's just my take on it.

The MC 

seems like a fitting ending to me. Still, I would have preferred for him to end up in prison and to find redemption for the things he did.

"The best stories are the ones that leave you with more questions than answers."


I've had that phrase pop up in lots of places, whether it was from a professor, teacher, book, etc. I do think that a story that leaves you with the feeling that you didn't understand everything, is probably worth reading, usually confirmed by a second reading where you see more than you saw before leaving you with a clearer picture. To those of you who were confused with the resolution, I would say, maybe, take a moment to reflect on more than just "what was the plot? what happened? who was who?" and think more of the implications of everything. There is no final boss in this story, it is a tale of morality, in my opinion. The tough question that a lot of stories present to you, is, "Well, this guy killed, but he killed for reasons. Was he justified?" and so on.


Kimi no Knife is one of those stories. It's not the greatest story ever, but it has the trappings of something with a bit more thought than your run-of-the-mill manga.

...Oh, I guess I did take the final pages the wrong way. After reading the comments, it makes sense the mastermind would be... well, "the spoiler" instead of what I was thinking.

I thought the spoiler was only loosely associated with more people that dealt with the hitmans. Since spoiler did see at least a few of the main characters, I thought information regarding all the negativity is just said to spoiler in confidentiality from others having troubles with their actions. But that was thinking a bit too deep, being too nice, and would not explain the last panel as easily.

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