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Kimi to Kore kara

Alt Names: alt キミトコレカラalt Here on out with you
Author: Yamamoto Kotetsuko
Artist: Yamamoto Kotetsuko
Genres: Comedy ComedySupernatural SupernaturalYaoi Yaoi
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Spin-off series of Konya mo Nemurenai. The story takes place immediately after the last Konya chapter focusing more on Gorou and Verde.

>Konya mo Nemurenai
( http://bato.to/comic/_/comics/konya-mo-nemurenai-r6527 )
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This is one of the best yaoi series I've ever read tbh.

Dorks in love!  Everyone's a dork!! <3!!!

Laughing out loud again but also, someone has to say it so... *clears throat, pulls an angelic smile* Well that escalated quickly.

Thank you.

Honestly this story should be classified as a sort of shounen/ecchi manga with the protagonists who just happen to be all males...,don't get me wrong i love pure and simple Yaoi but after a while it gets boring if there isn't anything to spice it up...

Oh, just what I love in a yaoi manga. A long, drawn out fight scene. Yippee.

Ah, this story, still the most laughter burst -inducing title in this genre that I know. xD




Adoro demasiado este manga, tanto su primera como segunda parte. Cada página tiene el poder de hacerme sonreír a más no poder. Todos los personajes son entrañables y de alguna manera, acaban ganándote totalmente. ❤

Thanks for the chapter September Scanlations!


I wanna see this new guy turn into a werewolf...

Please happy ending for these two dorks!!!

Well I laughed a lot at Konya' but this had my sides aching. xDD These four are simply too much fun!

Oh my god, this is even better than Konya, ah mah freakin' gosh, I ship these two so hard! Kotetsuko-sensei, you're such a GENIUS.


yandere spotted ! :)

yandera spotted ! :) 

ugh so happy she's continuing this series lol last chapter of konya mo nemurenai seemed so rushed so i was sad xD

lmfao, that last page made me laugh <3
thanks september!

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