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Kindan no Koi wo Shiyou

Alt Names: alt A Request to the Vampirealt 禁断の恋をしようalt Kindan no Koi wo Shiyoalt L'Amant de la nuit (French)alt Let's Make Forbidden Lovealt Vanpaia ni Onegai
Author: OHMI Tomu
Artist: OHMI Tomu
Genres: Drama DramaJosei JoseiRomance RomanceSmut SmutSupernatural Supernatural
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: 1-4) Kindan no Koi wo Shiyou
Hisako was saved from a drunkard by a wolf. She decides to adopt the beautiful, and entrancing creature, but Hisako's new pet turns into a fine-looking guy! Somehow his entrancing eyes remain in her mind...

Prequel to Zoku - Kindan no Koi wo Shiyou (http://www.batoto.net/comic/_/comics/zoku-kindan-no-koi-wo-shiyou-r3781) and Kindan no Koi de Ikou (http://www.batoto.net/comic/_/kindan-no-koi-de-ikou-r3275).

5) A Request to the Vampire
Ryouko is targeted as an anorexic, or shall we say, unappetizing, girl. But when her want to die overflows when she meets a vampire, he turns her world around.
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Does the store owner pick up all her failed would-be suitors? LOL

It's like the mangaka chose to put all the readers "lol wouldn't it be funny if"-jokes right in there. xD I enjoyed them way more than I expected. : D Thumbsup! Gotta remember this name.

lol,the scanlators managed to write the perfectly right German words on the last page wrong xD
Well, I'm not into Josei but as long as the artwork isn't gay it does the job xD
I love all of Ohmi Tomu's mangas they are fun.
Glad to know I'm not the only fan of Ohmi Tomu >^.^<
Fairly romantic, really quite steamy, and also pretty funny in places. A nice light read.

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