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Alt Names: alt 可人兒alt I Hate You
Author: MIURA Noriko
Artist: MIURA Noriko
Genres: Drama DramaRomance RomanceShoujo Shoujo
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: He seduces girls, gets them and then dumps them. He specializes in the one-night-stand. He has no interest in love or romance. Dating someone would be a pain. This terrible guy, Hanada Shintarou, is nevertheless, extremely popular. But then he meets a girl who might just be the one who can change him and his low opinion of women. The only problem is that she despises him!
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The following content is intended for mature audiences and may contain sexual themes, gore, violence and/or strong language. Discretion is advised.

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Powered through the whole thing. Liked it up until after they got in a fight as a couple. It was kind of dumb after that.
I really liked the development to couplehood so this series is worth reading for that.

Oh Finally, it ended! I could finally put this manga in the back burner! Gossh!!

I liked Kirai on the whole. I felt that the drama was unnecessarily prolonged in the last two chapters, but that might be due to the long wait for the conclusion.


Anyway, thank you so much for persevering and completing this manga, Hakairei and The End!

I can't say that many of the characters' decisions made sense, but the expressive art really saves the more convoluted story parts. I would've stopped reading this a long time ago if it wasn't for the interesting artstyle.

Happy End, finally!

Damn that Hugh!

From the title alone you can guess where the story is heading but it's paced very nicely from hate to love. Some find the art style annoying but I like it, it's simple and you get to see the variety of expressions a character has. Thank you for continuing this, Hakairei! And also licorice for updating this!

oh yeah.. she's back!! 

I'm surprised chapter 39 took 6 months before someone uploaded it from the hakairei website. Now there's just one volume left to translate I'm impatient to see the conclusion to this story.

Wow a new chapter? Thanks so much! I look forward to reading it. :)

...Missing this manga so much...
have anyone read this? is Sakura coming back? like when?
Thanks for the update
YES!!! An update I have been waiting for this:D
i can forsee sakura having hard time taming shin when she comes back... or shin melts and open his arms wide open for sakura... lols
thanks for the upload, keep up the good work!!!1
hopefully she comes back in volume 9!
I liked it, too, despite the art. :)
good pacing.. i hope it wont drag out too much... let sakura come back... shin's better with sakura...
because the main character wasn´t in love with him from chapter 1, like in other mangas. there was a development in this manga.
somehow everyone exept the main characters feel extremly stupid and gullible but despite that and the annoying art style it kept me reading, why? i don't know!, it frustrates me but then i would have to read it again and i'm not sure i'm up for that.

i guess it have good pacing or something

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