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Kiss ni Juuzoku

Alt Names: alt キスに従属alt Connected with a Kissalt Kisu ni Juuzokualt Nil no Koi Mahoujinalt Nil no Koi☆Mahoujinalt Nil's Magic Circle of Lovealt 溫暖的親吻
Author: IKEMI Runa
Artist: IKEMI Runa
Genres: Adventure AdventureFantasy FantasyRomance RomanceShoujo Shoujo
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: In the middle of an escape, Lilith, the head of a group of thieves, is injured. She is rescued by the young aristocrat Jean Rhode, but in exchange for being nursed back to health, he demands that she pay him with kisses!

Also includes the oneshot "Nil no Koi☆Mahoujin":

Nil, a 5th grader in an academy of magic falls in love with Kowloon, her scary-looking upperclassman. Will she be able to pluck up the courage to ask him to the academy’s dance party? She might need magic to give her a helping hand...
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I liked the oneshot better.

Main story's romance besides the kisses were very undeveloped and bland.

At least the female MC wasn't that annoying, but it was rather silly how they were thieves but incompetent and always getting caught.

Lilith was perfect. Cute and not scared to take action.


Lovely Manga.

I wish the. One shot would develop uinto a story its been a while aince i story caught. My attention

The extra chapter is so cuuute!! Hhehe. A pity I want to see more of them together. The dance wasn't shown at all too.

Well, I did what the comments suggested and one-shotted it.
I totally agree with xStere0x. :) I want more of the oneshot. Lolz.
Somehow the story was quite nice~ But I would love to see the oneshot being developed into a story!
Unlike some of the others, I read the main story, but not the oneshot. Considering its length, I thought it was pretty good, although for some reason, in the second chapter, they say Lilith was attacked by a bear (?!?!).
In love with the one-shot, while the series itself was meh.
I recommend the oneshot at the end, I loved it.

The rest isn't that great.
This is one of those manga that doesn't really go very in-depth into the setting, instead focusing on the characters. Well, it barely goes into their pasts, but whatever, I liked it anyway! It's not terribly enthralling, but it certainly is entertaining, and the one-shot that's included is very cute. I much prefer this kind of gloss-over-the-details shoujo than...you know, the awful, cliche'd ones. Oh, this is set in some kind of fantasy world, by the way.

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