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Alt Names: alt キス/はぐalt キス/ハグalt Kiss & Hugalt Kiss / Hugalt Kiss Hagumialt Kiss Hugalt Kiss Sabay Hug :)alt KISS+擁抱
Author: Mitsuki Kako
Artist: Mitsuki Kako
Genres: Comedy ComedyDrama DramaRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShoujo Shoujo
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Ryuu, a super-businesslike transfer student from England with black hair and blue eyes just arrived! During the night of the Tanabata festival, Ryuu and Yukino became attracted to each other at first sight. He then declares, “You will be mine!” This brought confusion to Yukino, who has zero experience in love. But could she actually be falling in love
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this is the second of kako-sensei's works that I adore (frst was sora log)

it's got all that shoujo goodness and none of the irritation (and just the right ammount of smut too)

Fond memories from my first read and rereads. One of the most amusing comments ever read was "ryuu has rapist eyes" xD Of course rape is no joke but I think it brings across the message of how intense and deep the look of his eyes are supposed to be and the way this mangaka has done quite well in portraying that. 

Great story! However, that last page just really killed it... Ok so in three years he became of legal age and picked up smoking? He is all concerned for her, being pregnant and all. Fits right in with his personality. Uhm, but then he lays right under her and is smoking??? WTH, sooo stupid!!!!

Not sure why mangakas feel the need to add cigarettes like some sort of cool factor... it really is anything but.
1. Can we host your projects?
No, thanks. After all the things happened in the scanlation world, and considering that we’re doing it for the love for manga and not aiming for e-fame. We’d rather not allow other sites to host our projects. And if you do, please put them down. Thanks.
Midnight Scans doesn't like it so no. use mangatraders
one of my favorites great story line nice ending too
Please do upload them! I love this, it's so cute (:
This isn't actually finished here. There are more chapters released... I think it goes up to 13 or something.
Should I upload them? I'm embarrassed... >.<

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