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Koisuru Barairo Tenchou

Alt Names: alt Koisuru Bara Iro Tenchoualt Koisuru Bara-iro Tenchoualt 恋するバラ色店長
Author: Mochimeko
Artist: Mochimeko
Genres: Comedy ComedyShounen Ai Shounen AiSlice of Life Slice of Life
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: When he was a child, Isao was inspired by a florist named Aiko and fell in love with flowers. After saving his father's company, Isao finally leaves his desk job to realize his lifelong dream of owning a flower shop, opening it in the same location that Aiko's shop used to be. Right before opening, he finds out that Aiko had passed away when he meets her widower Koutarou and their young son. Koutarou is utterly devoted to his son Zen and carries on the love of flowers that Aiko instilled in him. Thus the florist Isao falls in love with Koutarou, and tries to win his heart through the flowers they both love.
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Satou-kun. Follower, chastity protector, wingman, and babysitter. Is it weird for me to say he ended up being my favorite character?
This was so cute awww
Sweet :-)
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This was overwhelmingly charming. Just the sweetest thing, and pretty funny sometimes, too.
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That was very cute. I like the odd little dynamic their family ended up being -- and I'm happy that Satou-kun didn't end up being left behind in it all. Thanks for the updates.

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How can someone become a president of a big company without leadership skills (I'm talking about Isao's father)? That's a mystery to me. And you can enhance the work process by revising yourself the working methods and believing in your subordinates? Hmmm what a brilliant strategy! 

And Isao is too innocent, which is also a mystery considering his good looks and wealthy background.

Too much of a genre cliche. 3 stars.

I find the straightforward pervasiveness really funny :)

Oooh.. looks like something is about to happen ;-)

Thanks for the upload! :)

the lightheartedness in this series gives my an instant, constant smile throughout the read.  a great love story :)

Still cute. Thanks for the upload AnpanMayo.

Poor Satou-kun.


Poor Satou-kun.
Hehe.. instant follow and 5 stars ★★★★★

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