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Koisuru Harinezumi

Alt Names: alt A Hedgehog in Lovealt Bir Kirpinin Aşkıalt Koi suru Harinezumialt Un Erizo Enamoradoalt 恋するハリネズミalt 恋爱的小刺猬alt Любовь Ёжика
Author: HINACHI Nao
Artist: HINACHI Nao
Genres: Romance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShoujo Shoujo
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: To change from 'like' to 'love', what strategies must Ozawa use on Kazuki?
Kazuki Heiji is the troublemaker. He gets into fights and is very cold to everyone. Ozawa Kii witnesses a fight between a classmate and Kazuki but he unexpectedly says he wants to become friends? And what's this about 'like' and 'love'...?!
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Title Group Contributor Date
Vol.2 Ch.10.5: Capitolo 10.5
Niina's World -Manga e Anime- Niina's manga A week ago
Vol.2 Ch.10.1 Read Online
Mavi Manga kaichou-chan 2 weeks ago

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He should just break up with Kii, how f-ing stupid can she be to let another girl on her date, and let her control things. She just panics thinking its her fault, while its obvious sumire is a b**ch. She is way too much of a pushover.

The cutest. Best. Postive adjectivest.
Adoro esse mangá!!! <3
is it bad that i think the girl she met in the bathroom will appear again?
I sense a rival in the future
Where can I find heroines that are cool and don't have ill-thoughts about their bfs on their very first date (or better yet, ever)?

I guess I enjoy it too as I've read all the available chapters for this one. I need something sweet after reading all the dark stuff like Inuyashiki and Ajin. 

This is the definition of a typical shoujo.

Which is why I so often enjoy reading typical shoujo.

This is the definition of a typical shoujo.

in the time there hasn't been an update, I've somehow forgotten how absolutely fucking cute this is.


my heart can't handle it


*kyaahs silently in a corner*


Respecto al capítulo #14:  



Yes, adorable <3

oh god this is adorable <3

This is so shoujo it hurts. But damn do I love it. The art is really pleasant, too.

man who has a conversation and swaps spit during someone else's wedding



OMG this manga is way too cute



Woohoo!!  All is forgiven.

Gee, when did he suddenly become that big an idiot?  Gul-li-ble.

GAH! THE TRIANGLE! Or is it a rectangle? O-O

It's the love croquet post they like each other and two random people like one of the making an n shape or we can go with love pi π

aw, thank you for the update!

That sly push
That KO Smackdown
Thank you mangaka!

Is that no good? No it's Good!




so blunt

thanks for the update!

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