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Alt Names: alt Koizora - Kinai Koimonogatarialt Koizora - Setsunai Koimonogatarialt Sky of Lovealt Sky of Love - Sad Love Storyalt 恋空alt 恋空~切ナイ恋物語alt 戀空
Author: Mika
Artist: HANEDA Ibuki
Genres: Drama DramaRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShoujo ShoujoSlice of Life Slice of LifeTragedy Tragedy
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Mika is just a normal high school student who dreams of having a wonderful love. And then one day, she happens to meet Hiro, the guy of her destiny. While experiencing many sad events, and while getting hurt, the time she spends with him is still one of the most happy moments in her life...
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The following content is intended for mature audiences and may contain sexual themes, gore, violence and/or strong language. Discretion is advised.

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Title Group Contributor Date
Vol.10 Ch.29.6 Read Online
Futago Shimai nerenka 2 weeks ago
Vol.6 Ch.16 Read Online
Futago Shimai nerenka 2 weeks ago
Vol.5 Ch.15 Read Online
Futago Shimai nerenka 2 weeks ago
Vol.5 Ch.14 Read Online
Futago Shimai nerenka 2 weeks ago
Vol.5 Ch.13 Read Online
Futago Shimai nerenka 2 weeks ago

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beautiful T-T

I'll just briefly sum up the 1st chapter:






I think the author just put too much "action" in just one chapter and it didn't feel like the pace is going to slow down.

From the start it goes "lovey-dovey" and then I don't understand what's happening anymore and then you'll be like "Ohhh thats what happe--  w..what the f..", again and again.


But I guess it sums up life very well.


Or maybe I'm just a really lonely guy.

I still dont get why she never reported that bitch (who dared to actually approach her pregnant herself) that killed her kid (fetus) to the authorities it was assault and so heavy that it lead to premature labor, which can result in an increas miscarriages and a decrease in fertility

Well, it was alright. It had a bit too much drama for my taste, in the end, I think maybe the last phase of the storyline was the best part. Thank goodness it ends here.
yes, still not a good one
haha come on man, its a manga...
lol @ch29 ending. I call bullshit.
ahhhgg.. the choking feeling...
I've watched the drama, movie, and now started to read the manga. All have their own appeal, and definitely enjoyable for me.
Oh wow, ty for the update. So sad @ the end there ;.;
i saw that coming
The last chapter of the manga is splited into multiple parts. This is the first part of the last chapter.
It says "last chapter" on ch.26, but is that really the end?
Seems like a cop out to me, if it is.

After I managed to read through this barely readable series, I'd feel cheated.
This is supposed to be like all those new movies. Based on a true story or based on true events. The only thing true was that there was a girl named Mika. All else was fabricated. The End.
got fed up after finishing chap 12 ... it's like the mangaka dragged this out to the point that it felt unrealistic.
@ MadScientistK it's not actually based on a true story. Mika, the author of the cell phone novel, originally claimed it was her own life story but later admitted it was fiction (apparently she felt bad about deceiving so many people).
Che storia triste... :(
sorry not sure if i should've used spoilers or not
ahh I got all teary eyed at so many parts. this is a great story, it really makes you realize that these kind of things do happen to real people.
The file for chapter 6 is actually chapter 7, so chapter 6 is missing. What a heartbreaking story so far! I really wanted to cry when I read that it's based on a true story.
Propably right, still a bit much at times and the ending is rather obvious after those first pages.
@ShaiHH said on the first cover page sad love story so from this moment forth u could gues whatever shits possible to happen gonna happen to her at least i thought so
Good read.. even if it was a rollercoaster of emotions.

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