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Konya mo Nemurenai

Alt Names: alt Another Sleepless Nightalt 今夜亦无眠alt 今夜も眠れないalt Bezsenne Nocealt No Sleep Tonightalt Otra noche sin dormir
Author: Yamamoto Kotetsuko
Artist: Yamamoto Kotetsuko
Genres: Comedy ComedyShounen Ai Shounen AiSupernatural SupernaturalYaoi Yaoi
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Shy freshman college student Rikiya knows he likes guys, but has never been in a relationship, only able to look on without expressing his feelings. Living on his own for the first time he decides to try and change his life and joins a gay dating site. Everything seems perfect until he finds himself about to be attacked with nowhere to turn yet desperately hoping for help, when a guy crawls through the wall and says, "There's no helping it. What's your wish?"


Kimi to Kore Kara
( http://bato.to/comic/_/comics/kimi-to-kore-kara-r13366 )
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The following content is intended for mature audiences and may contain sexual themes, gore, violence and/or strong language. Discretion is advised.

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love his demon look; especially his demon.... hair.

Is it bad that I'm a straight male and enjoy reading this? (Not the sexy scenes tho lol)
Omg kid's d***? Hilarious

How anticlimactic. D: It seems like Sensei left all of the yaoi in Honto Yajuu this time, too.

i want a 19.5 chapter with the yaoi scene in it lol ;n; why

Nooo! How can it be "complete?" Q.Q I suppose I should be happy that we're getting a spin-off, but... T.T I wanted it to go on longer. :(

Thanks so much for sharing this series with us, September Scanlations~ <3

What?! Its the end?? What happen to the epic battle? Damnit editor! Why did you make the decision to end it so soon ;__;

Oh yay!  

YAY!  Thanks for the update.  :)

Wow, this is actually really interesting. I have to say I wasn't expecting much in terms of plot when I started reading this, but I actually love the action and plot twists. It's really well done. And the side characters are kinda great too.


Thank you for all the updates. Really looking forward to the next chapter, in which Endo will (hopefully) get to be a badass. ^-^

omfg!!! THAT KISS. damnit. For some reason I can't stop smiling. Update please :-)

Thank you for the update! :D

Nice to see we are finally going to get some action here.

updaate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thaaaaaaanks and blessss!!!!

but no chibi endo...................................................

Oh my god, that kiss. *O*

Thanks for the update.

holy shit... instant follow for the comedy and dat hot damn shota endo

Ah a sudden update?! xD

Thanks a ton!!

Yay!  New chapter!  Thanks for all the hard work, September Scanlations!  A harvest festival gift, how thoughtful!

Oh Endou <3
Though now I'm not sure which form of Endou I prefer.. XD
Demon form is definitely hot but chibi Endou is just too cute :3
Ugh more waiting T__T

ThankYou Septemberscanlations!! (:

The extras!!! Sooo cute!!!!

According to September Scanlations, Yamamoto-sensei revealed at a recent autograph event that we finally get to see Endo’s demon form in the next chapter!! *squeal*

Damn it... is me who will say it for sure... OAO


The latest cliffhanger is too intense!  I sense a trip to the demon realm coming up for Higuchi!

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