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Kumo no Graduale

Alt Names: alt 雲のグラデュアーレalt Graduale Der Wolkenalt Graduale of the Cloudsalt Kumo no Guradyuaraealt Kumo no Guradyuarealt L'Escadrille des nuages (French)
Author: KIHARA Hirokatsu
Artist: SHIMIZU Aki
Genres: Adventure AdventureSeinen Seinen
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: The country called Yukifune is now in an age of air travel, and a group called Saratros exists during these times. Armed with blimps and gliders, what is the Sarastros' true nature, and what is its purpose?

Meanwhile, the army's watch for the Saratros takes a mysterious turn... and soon, Koto, the girl with the golden hand, will deal with the world as she makes her way out of the huge fighting stage!
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Last two volumes were a mess of a plot: who? what? Eiffel tower? The cancellation was unavoidable at this point.
Nevertheless, thank you Manga Syndrome for finishing this project, even just for the sake of completion.

Shame it was cancelled.



End of Ch 21. What? What?! WHAT?!

Thanks to Manga Syndrome for their hard work.

I award the digitus impudicus to the editorial staff of Comic Flapper for canceling this series.

a pictures paint a thousand words -Frederick R. Barnard


that was done nicely indeed.

thank you for the update!

At last it has finally return to us! Praise the constellation! an update!

Thanks a lot for the update! :)

yea baby yea


Fantastic adventure, reminds me of Miyazaki's stories. 

fuck yea!

damn, this is cool!
can't wait for the next episode :D
Very interesting!

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