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Kuraku naru Made Matte

Alt Names: alt 等待黑暗降临alt Wait Until It Gets Darkalt Wait until It's Darkalt 暗くなるまで待って
Author: TSUKUBA Sakura
Artist: TSUKUBA Sakura
Genres: Oneshot OneshotRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShoujo Shoujo
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Ushio just transferred from a prestigious high school. While running an errand after school, she collides with Mitsunashi, who's known as a studious robot, and breaks his glasses. Afterward, Mitsunashi invites Ushio to join the Astronomy Club. Will love blossom under the stars?
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I liked this story quite a lot.  So far, I have liked everything I've read by Tsukuba Sakura Sensei.  She seems to be the real master of one shots about characters you can really like as people.  

Gads I loved that. I want more as well, I felt like we were given background and everything, it feels like a set-up for more? I'm usually sated after one-shot but I genuinely want to see more of this.  

The Clannad fangirl in me squealed when she heard the name "Ushio" xD

I hope this will become a short manga story <3
so sweet >.<
Mmm, I like it.
These characters have just enough background and stuff shown that I want to know more; I wouldn't say this should be a series, but it might do well expanded to 3-5 chapters, like a one-volume size.
Wow.. So subtle..
Guess lightly sweet stuff are good once in a while~
Hnnngh, my sweet tooth.
I'm going to get a cavity...
I love this!!! So Vanilla Posted Image

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