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Kyou mo Ashita mo.

Alt Names: alt 今日も明日も。alt 追逐夢想的每一天alt Kyo mo Ashita moalt Kyou mo Ashita moalt Today and Tomorrow Too
Author: Emura
Artist: Emura
Genres: Comedy ComedyDrama DramaRomance RomanceShoujo Shoujo
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: Chika has always dreamed of becoming a manga artist since childhood. However, she comes from a family that requires every member to become a teacher in the future. Then, she meets Ryou, a manga artist, who also happens to be a friend from her childhood. She gets the chance to work part-time with him as his assistant. So, has her chance of chasing her dreams finally arrived?!

Unfortunately the comic (or parts of it) was scanlated by groups that don't allow rehosting. Sorry for the inconvenience.
==========Notice End==============
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I really like this one so far,  I've read the first two volumes.   Since it was by the mangaka of W Juliet I figured it would be good as that is a favorite of mine and I'm enjoying this too.  

actually the manga is also released in my country~ i've read till volume 2 :)

but since it's really a good one,i also read the raw until volume 4 XD

and really,i love this mangaka! the story,characters,jokes,drawings are just too precious for me X3

Well, they do say "Write what you know". But it's all good, this is the mangaka of "W Juliet" so I'm quite willing to follow for a while and see where things go.
So this is kinda the Mangaka writing about his work, with Chika as a cute little plot-device.
That is quite a gap. It can work, though; I went out with someone 16 when I was 24 and it was good for both of us, and my gap with my wife is bigger and goes the other way--she's older than me. Makes her anxious sometimes, but it's not a huge deal.
upss sorry, what i mean is when Chika become 20 and Ryou become 28, looks like my mind is still in the Ryous present age.. -______-''
aww, come on, the matter of age won't be bothering anymore with aging..
when chika become 23 and ryou become 28, who will bothered by it?
My parents have 7 years gap too..
There are official ages - in ch1. Chika is 15 and Ryou is 23. There is quite a gap.
I agree with @rellea, Chika's appearance makes her look as if she's in middle school, and Ryou seems to be past high school. Oh well, there haven't been any official ages yet, so we'll see.
It's cute, but it bothers me how young Chika looks--especially paired with Ryou who looks more his age than most male shoujo leads.

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