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Kyousou no Simulacra

Alt Names: alt 狂想のシミュラクラalt 狂想的幻影alt Simulacra of the Crazy Idea
Author: Yoshimura Hideaki
Artist: Yoshimura Hideaki
Genres: Action ActionDrama DramaHorror HorrorMystery MysteryPsychological PsychologicalSeinen SeinenSupernatural SupernaturalTragedy Tragedy
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Teenager Kurikura Kansuke lives in a small village with his family but tragedy strikes one day when his younger sister, Ayame, is brutally murdered. Six years later, Kansuke, in his search for his missing older brother, finds multiple women who all call themselves Kurikura Ayame. Kansuke learns that out of grief for Ayame, his brother created dolls, each with a part of her corpse and enhanced for combat. Kansuke vows to find his brother and stop the mindless violence.
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The following content is intended for mature audiences and may contain sexual themes, gore, violence and/or strong language. Discretion is advised.

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little sister is not ROMANCE object!!!

@Seed Don't you pity your sisters even in the slightest? After all sending them to Russia would be too horrible.
@olrox No you dont. Believe me. Real sisters are nothing the ones portrayed in mangas. Believe me, I have two younger sisters, and im always torn between throwing them in a river or sending them to russia. This was NOT the deal I signed up for to be a big brother.
Thanks to this manga i learned that brother and sister complex is not a simple thingPosted Imageand somehow i want a sister tooPosted Image
just a friendly reminder to use spoiler tags, i was thinking about reading this and decided to see if the reviews about it were any good and instead got the ending spelled out for me. I know it wasn't on purpose but please remember next time.
Yet another could-have-been-great-but-got-axed series.
its the end of a good series and even though i knew this wud be the final chapter i still feel really sad that there will be no more :( i kinda want to know how will it work out with his "little sisters" will he die off and they stand the passages of time? or is it cuz he has that puppet thing he is immortal too? oh well its over and theres nothing anyone can do about it thank you StubbornOne for picking up and finishing this series
b-werx your post has me intrested but first I got sleep and study so for now I will follow
Well that was anticlimactic. A couple unanswered questions, a few loose ends here and there. Meh.
The only thing that i want to know is gone now, who kill ayame??? D:, ah and the first chap is fk up xD
this manga is sort of like Rozen Maiden except the dolls dont look like dolls, look adult, are fighting for a clear purpose rather than an abstract one (rozen maiden they are fighting to become perfect for their father but it becomes more complicated later) and the main character in this is directly involved in the conflict while in rozen maiden main character is connected by some sort of destiny.

all i can say is that they are very similar, so read rozen if you like but its a lot slower paced and 60 percent of chapters are comedy
All type of little sister calling "oni-chan, oni-sama, oni-san, aniki"; whats more can you hope?
@b-werx u sorta described spawn the devil comic series there XD well the hunting rogue demons down part
Thanks for the new chapters. 4 more to go...
his brother is a frigging maniac!
it's about time someone continued this.
hey b-werx isnt that a concept of an old comic? i vaguely remember it, but pretty much its not odd to have a parasite make you stronger and its only natural the more power you have the more uncontrollable it gets. comics of the 80s were all about parasites, mutations, otherworldly heroes etc.
So many stories, so little time.....at least someone got off their butt :P
Funny, some 10 years ago I thought of a guy who had parasite demon living off his back, and to keep it satisfied he hunts down rogue demons causing chaos. Being a host body of the demon he can use the demon's abilities and one of his abilities is the multiple black arms growing out of his back. The more demons he devour, the stronger he gets, and the stronger he & the parasite demons gets, the more uncontrollable he becomes. I thought it would make a nice manga one day, I never thought I'd actually see the black arms and part demon concept become an actual manga ten years later.

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