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Layers Anarchy

Alt Names: alt 레이어즈 아나키
Author: Glpi
Artist: Glpi
Genres: Action ActionMystery MysterySchool Life School LifeShounen ShounenSupernatural SupernaturalWebtoon Webtoon
Type: Manhwa (Korean)
Status: Complete
Description: Mia has a special talent which she didn’t know she had until recently. If she concentrates, she can transfer in another dimension called “Layers”. That dimension has no people except those that can transfer of course and... The monsters that lurk there! If you accidentally get trapped in “Layers” your only hope is... The Special Class!

The sequel to Layers (http://www.batoto.net/comic/_/layers-r312).

Original webcomic: http://cartoon.media.daum.net/webtoon/view/layersanarchy
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The question is that Mia couldn't have possibly transferred the world population, so how come people aren't wondering why they can't contact relatives or something?
I really like this series. Did it get a season 3?

Stumbling across this after so long and,holy cow. I miss this webtoon. its one on the first few manwhas I'v ever read and liked, right next to nobless & superior day. I wish there would be another sequel. QQ

when's the release of the new series?
Sooo..... Is there going to be another season, or did it just get dropped?
Does anyone know if the next season has the same name?
Didn't like the end.
Damn! i thought the school transfer was big, but now she transferred the whole city or maybe even the whole world. >_<
huh? O_o Is there gonna be another season or something?
Actually series end in ch. 35^^ And there is an epilogue after that.
This feel sooooo slow now, I feel like progress isn't gonna be made for a while...
And they have been falling for 10 minutes?
after a few short twists and turns everything got messy -.-..... soooooOOooOOoo many things happening at once.
I hate the director so much right now...
Ohhh boy. I hope Manji's alright.
That guy with the blue hair....I wanna know what his deal is. And more about lilac(I missed him Dx). This is taking a bit too long to explain for me ><
Oh cool, finally good chapters. Is this webtoon finally getting a real story?
oh its up on EGS's site I guess thanks for all your hard work that was a great chapter
it said there was an update today but that was over a week ago
YAY an update! this keeps getting better and better...
In chapter 19....
this season of layers seems to end at chapter 35
Heh.. I think I can see where this is going.
This seems like its getting more interesting.

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