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Le théâtre de A

Alt Names: alt A no Gekijoualt Aの劇場alt Angel's Eggs (NAKAMURA Asumiko)alt Œufs d'angealt Œufs d'ange - Angel Eggsalt Œufs d'ange - Tenshi no Tamagoalt Childhood's End (NAKAMURA Asumiko)alt I Am a Pianoalt LE THÉÂTRE DE A ~Aの劇場~alt Le Théâtre de Aalt Le theatre de Aalt Long Along Alongingalt Looks Like a Teaspoonalt Oeufs D'angealt Perfect World (NAKAMURA Asumiko)alt The Pearl Blue Storyalt Till Dawnalt Velvet Going Underground
Author: Nakamura Asumiko
Artist: Nakamura Asumiko
Genres: Comedy ComedyDrama DramaFantasy FantasyJosei JoseiOneshot OneshotRomance Romance
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Le théâtre de A
1.Oeufs D'ange - Tenshi no Tamago
A man is asked by a young painter to be her model.

2. Velvet Going Underground
A doll becomes a super idol. Hijinks ensue.

3. Childhood's End
Alastair runs away and meets the Rabbit.

4. Bite Me Something
Allistaire followed Mr. Rabbit all the way to Wonderland. Will he be able to find him among the crowd?

5. Long Along Alonging
A girl asks a vampire to be his apprentice. But what is her motive?

6. Till Dawn
In a dark tower, a caged voice is singing until a hunted man enters the darkness.

7. Leçon un
Sequel to Long Along Alonging.

8. My Skin on My Back

9. Highland Walker
Sequel to Leçon un.

10. Perfect World
The story of a young wife whose husband is infected with a fatal disease called Flower-Blossomitis.

11. Perfect Lady
Sequel to Perfect World and drawn especially for this book.

12-13. Looks Like a Teaspoon
A boy named Allistaire is often teased at his all-boys school. One night he dresses like a girl and stumbles upon the boy who often bullies him, Simon. Allistaire runs off into a tower and as Simon runs after him, we see the sign "Welcome to Wonderland" hanging by the tower's door.

14. The Pearl Blue Story
Do you believe in mermaids? Coggy, a young boy finds a mysterious lady laying down near the shore of the beach. He brings her home to help her.

15. I Am a Piano
A piano tells the story of her life and the people she encounters.

16. Parade
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So, I read "I Am A Piano" a long time ago, without knowing it was part of a short story collection, and really loved it. I now somewhat wished... it had stayed that way. I really like the art of this, but so many of the stories have weird pedophilic undertones that are really... uncomfortable. Like, without those, it would be a really solid, slightly unsettling, cool short story collection. With them, it's just sorta gross.

The Piano one (ch 15) made me tear up T_T

Yep, impressive stuff. My favourites were Parade, I am a Piano, and the kid+vampire hunter+vampire trio stories. Velvet Going Underground and Wonderland are in creep valley and not my thing at all but the art was pretty~ The mermaid one and the Flower-Blossomitis one were also touching.


Oh, I like ch 10 much more now that it has ch 11 to go with it.

I didnt think theyd be my favourite but imma admit it The vampire, loli and vampire hunter chapters were fun to read. Id be up for seeing a small stand alone manga of those 3.

Really, this is some amazing stuff.  Lots of it is creepy or strange or sad, some of it is touching, some is all those things at once, but it's all impressive.

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