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Legend of Tyr

Alt Names: alt 티르전기alt Legenden om Tyralt The Legend of Tyralt The Tyr Chroniclesalt Tireujeongialt Try Jeongi
Author: Ra In-Soo
Artist: SON Chang-ho
Genres: Action ActionAdventure AdventureComedy ComedyFantasy FantasyShounen Shounen
Type: Manhwa (Korean)
Status: Complete
Description: Fantasy Action Legend that follows brother's diary!!

After his brother's death, on Tyr's 17th birthday.... his brother, Loki's diary is delivered to Tyr. When following his brother's diary step by step, Tyr realizes that everything that's happening around him is already recorded on the diary.
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The father was the best character with Light Saber Ray in a close second.

It kind of felt rushed, but other than the rushed end, it was a good read.

I really feel like there was much more planned initially than this and kind of sad to see how much it was rushed to conclusion.  I think things with Tyr's demon blood were supposed to get gradual hints such as when he managed to use the Hellion Sword earlier on.  I think the things with the knight of Yggdrasil thing were also going to have been gradually hinted on with Ygg being able to help Tyr like in his fight with the buff users.  But while I see the places where they started to pave the way for future elements it kind of ended up that they put the first step down and then immedietly jumped to the end.  I'm glad they got to finish, but it really feels like there were several more volumes planned originally.

Hm the description has kept me at bay for well over a year. sigh* Time to get reading -_-
The description is misleading. What was even the point of the diary?
Come on, guys. Don't just keep saying the ending needed more work... the author was on a schedule to finish. This was a pretty great ending if you think about the ending of many other axed mangas...
lol @ the ending

Too bad there wasn't a bit of romance considering a heroine (kind of) showed up.
This is just dull... I wish i had not read this at all...
@darkspark it could?
I already posted but I just want to say that while I didn't like the power up so quickly just like that I have to admit I really liked the designs for the two power ups. Sadly the second one doesn't get much screen time.
It could of finished worse.
Not a bad ending even if it was a bit rushed.
I hope we will see more from the author.
Well now. Super power up from a character introduced at the end of the story, huh? Oh well, I've seen worse endings.
They definitely need one more chapter to cover the aftermath.
Honestly I don't like how that ending worked. But nothing I can say can change it.

All I know is that I enjoyed this series.
@ lazybumhobo Because if good ones go on and on and on then it wouldn't be a good one anymore.
Really good one!
The Ending is absolute ok, better than a cliffhanger or no ending at all ^^ , still one more chapter about "whats afterwards?!" would have been great.
At some point the story gets really really fast paced, seemed a bit rushed , but better than endless filler chapters with nothing important.

I like the story an would love to see a anime about this one =)
Sep 23 2012 11:24 PM
Are you shitting me why do they always make the good ones end. Come on.......
yeah the ending was rushed. i mean going through 2 different power ups in 2-5 chapters is pretty fast. but at least it has an ending. half the manwha i read just END. and it they just stop anywhere. right in the middle of the battle even. frankly i try to stay away from manhwa's. most either don't have an ending or end in random ways leaving you going "da fuc?!". at least this one ended with most questions answered.
@lunas if it was axed it would have rushed from the last volume, but the rushin begun some volumes before(9 or 10), so the author axed himself.
Great story, half-assed end.
Thanks EGS for scanlating this!

To be honest I didn't like the ending too much. The publishers probable wanted to end it quickly. There are a ton of loose ends in this manhwa. The main character didn't even develop as a character at all. He's still the bratty kid from the beginning who could easily be schooled by his father.

That's just my opinion though. Other people might enjoy the ending.
Well I uploaded chapters 34 - 46..... probably breaking some rules along the way. (seems sakicow shouldn't be uploaded) but I found some old chapters for another manga that stayed up so I thought since these are old as well it might be ok. Also this was my first time uploading so I made a noob mistake and uploaded ch.39 twice by accident (please delete it/or all the chapters I uploaded if it's really against policy).

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