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Alt Names: alt Lost (JUNG Min-Yong)
Author: JUNG Min-Yong
Artist: JUNG Min-Yong
Genres: Drama DramaMystery MysterySupernatural SupernaturalTragedy TragedyWebtoon Webtoon
Type: Manhwa (Korean)
Status: Ongoing
Description: ====Batoto Staff Notice====
This comic has been requested to be taken down by Naver. Do not upload, for any language.
This record has been left here to serve as a notice.
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This was good, the plot was sad and pretty entertaining, but it was dropped? *big gasp* Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
If author didn't want this to be translated, no one can do a thing about it probably...
This is really good. I like the art, and it has a different sort of feel to it.
this is seriously mesmerizing ... was it really dropped? how sad ... T.T
Yea is rly good, but webtoon drop this project cause the author dont like it at all the translation, so theres no more.
this is good, this is reaaallllyyy good
For a second there I thought something else regarding the title. Heh :V

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