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Love in the Mask

Alt Names:
Author: HAN Yu-Rang
Artist: HAN Yu-Rang
Genres: Action ActionComedy ComedyDrama DramaGender Bender Gender BenderRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShoujo ShoujoTragedy Tragedy
Type: Manhwa (Korean)
Status: Complete
Description: Suh Hyun-bin grew up under the cruel hand of street gangsters, but after her little brother dies, Hyun-bin runs away and is taken in by a rich family to be trained to become a bodyguard. However, she must hide that she is female, and pose as a man. And so, for eight years, she grows up as a cold, male, bodyguard. It looks like she'll be this way forever--until a fateful encounter with Lee Yun-ha shakes her very foundations, and leaves her conflicting with herself, as her feelings of love clash against her feelings of duty.
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bunch of English chapters are gone :( (glad i read in when it was first uploaded lol )

ayy ömrümü tükettin yeaa başından beri Bırak ı tutuyordum sırf son 5 bölüm için canım yakışıklı adam öldürülür mü ya içim gitti hem hipnozmuş falan ''canım'' mangayı ne hale getirdi cıks sonu olmamış başı ne kadar da güzeldi oysaki bir nefeste okuduydum, yinede tek tesellim çocuklarının kavuşabilecek olmasıydı ki seri devam etse eminim bir şekilde çocukları da kavuşturtmazlardı ahh çok doluyum şuan. :'(

My first manhwa ever. Unfortunately I realised later that none of the Hwang Mi ri's group manhwa have such a cool plot...

If you had to try out only one in the genre it would be this one without doubt !

Thank you so much to the groups that brought it out to us =)

the storyline just doesnt make sense, is just kids wannabe gangsters and dramatizing everything. Extremely corny for a shoujo

This is my second time reading this manhwa. My favorite from Han Yu Rang's work. Thanks Loyal Kiss, Tinte and Lila Wolves for the release ~ 

Best story Evaa~

rereading this brings back memories 5 years ago... XD

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I loved this series. I cried when Pig died and at many other scenes.

I'm so happy I finished this ;u; it was worth it. Felt like the ending was a little rushed, but it was beautiful nonetheless.
Thanks for that awesome spoiler Aiuca's Idiosyncrasy!!!! :) I'm so overwhelmed with joy I could murder a baby Pichuu. Truly thank you.
Man I loved this manga but it could have been so much better with about -40 chapters.
The ending was really satisfying. It wasn't just centred around one couple but it also reflected off all the other characters. To be honest, i feel really sorry for Chun Bi-Rak, but at least he got to protect his 'princess' right? ^.^ Pity he didn't reciprocate Ga-Hyun's feelings. The ending page just...I APPROVE OF THIS RELATIONSHIP.
loved the story...but i got a bit used to how the koreans love to kill off the characters you become attached to the most, so bi rak's death came less of a shock for me, but i would have prefered it if they had a happy ending for a change
i haven't cried because of a plot in a long time. the ending.. was just..
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I feel so bad for Chun Bi-Rak...

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