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Love Sick

Alt Names: alt ラブシック.alt 愛戀四季狂想症
Author: MORIE Satoshi
Artist: MORIE Satoshi
Genres: Gender Bender Gender BenderHarem HaremRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShoujo Shoujo
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Shiki threw everything away for the sake of revenge. But at the new school where she disguises herself as a male, she meets 4 popular rich guys... Haru (spring) the prince, Natsu (summer) the bishounen, Aki (autumn) the womanizer, and Fuyu (winter) the cold-hearted genius.

What awaits Shiki? And will she get her revenge...?
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The suspense!... lol
who's shiki's mom ?
characters in tonari no kaibutsu kun are also very honest. but it doesnt take away from the story. in that they spend time on inner monologues and displaying their habits frequently to create character, in this there are simply too any characters and random interaction to develop any real depth, its like when you play a visual novel, it takes many repeated scenes with a character to learn anything because frequently you dont see their habits or backstory. due to high amount of characters. harems tend to have less deep character initially unless the mangaka focusses primarily on one characte at a time
@babie they're almost too honest, I think. still lacking depth.
the beginning is confusing, but as you continue you realized the characters are quite... honest :)
I tried to care about any of the characters in this manga, but was unable to do so. They're all unbearably bland.
isn't it normal romance not shounen ai? cause its a girl dressing up as a guy.
posting the first chapter is too mainstream
first chapter?

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