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Love Zipper

Alt Names:
Author: SHIRAISHI Yuki
Artist: SHIRAISHI Yuki
Genres: Romance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShoujo Shoujo
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: My name is Airi. I'm a high school student working at Rose Fan Fan. With what I learn at RFF, I will help solve everyone's problems!
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These were so-so. Shiraishi Yuki certainly had worse shoujo, and these weren't her best either.

I think readers agree that having "not honest/straightforward" characters are annoying, but when we are in their situation, what will we do?

I think most of us won't be able to handle situations directly/honestly the first time around.

It's easy to be readers disliking the choices protagonists made, but we can all try to look at it from their perspectives once in a while.

While the characters all were not honest to their feelings at first, or cared too much about what others thought of them, they at least "thought" about their own issues in their heads (which we see as their thoughts/narration) and promptly tries to fix it. Whether it be being more honest or telling the other person their true feelings.

Shiraishi Yuki attempted that, so points to her.

I would say she has the IDEA/conception, but her execution is where the problem is at.

It might be the translation or just her choice of words, but I find the narration though sufficient, don't have as much impact as I would like.

These oneshots in particular werenot too bad but was still a little too "sparkly/candy sweet" to my liking. The atmosphere isn't as good at what ShiraishI Yuki can bring out.

But these were lighthearted, so I can't expect more.

Overall, these were very typical of what you find in shoujo. But it's not the worse so read if you have a lot of time.

Really confusing with the 2 Airi's but indeed a cute story.

My favourite is the last story with Airi. I feel like it's rare to have such a mature heroine in shoujo xD She's a good role model ~
Just a bunch of fluff. Not in a bad way per say... It was nice.
how cuuutttteeee~
Cute clothes~ and nice stories hehehe

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