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Lucky Dog 1 Blast

Alt Names: alt ロキドグ1ブラツ
Author: Tennenouji
Artist: Uzuhachi
Genres: Action ActionAdventure AdventureComedy ComedyMystery MysteryShoujo Shoujo
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: Gian Carlo Bourbon Del Monte, a young member of the mafia, is better known by his nickname "Lucky Dog" due to his incredible good luck. Despite knowing that he can escape with just a little effort, Gian decides to take a break from the fast-and-furious lifestyle while being imprisoned in a maximum-security jail. But when four young mafia captains are captured and brought to the same prison, the Boss of their syndicate makes a certain request of Gian...
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ahhh, what happened to the art.....

I wonder who is the 5th person that Gian wanted. :D

But although its another cliffhanger, but its wonderful how this group still continue on this project (:

"The Price of Betrayal"

is interesting chapter title


Waiting a whole year...and ending in a cliffhanger...



I missed this so much ;-;

Just when I was so hooked on it;

Note: I changed the artist to Uzuhachi; and changed the josei tag into shoujo.

Wewt, what a cliffhanger!

that disgusting old hag harem scene......

omg that panel with the olde lady.


Anyway that bl moment of adoration, more please

Saying "I hope it won't turn yaoi" about a manga that is based on a yaoi game is a little dumb.


But don't fret, many bl-game-turned-manga leaves virtually all of the yaoi elements out. Though they will keep a bit of fanservice in.


That aside, it is a really good adaptation and pretty faithful to the game.

the end of ch14... augh my heart.. ;n;

Oh, poor lady...

when u see a girl in a manga like this, u'll know for sure that your heart is screaming :"IT'S A TRAP!!!!"

Instant Follow!
and here i thought it was new chapters turns out they were just re-uploaded. sucks for me i guess
hoping it won't turn yaoi
@cibino: just go to our own reader (Iskultrip's reader). It's much faster than here, too. http://maryfaye.net/reader/reader/read/lucky_dog_1_blast/en/0/6/page/1
so something is wrong here chapter 5&6 are the same thing like the exact same thing
This is nerve wracking!! *dugun dugun*
Can't wait for the next chapter!!
That guy... he's totally a yandere, isn't he?
Wow I randoming got here again... is this a sign to read again
like it. Very interesting
The flavor of this manga is clever and it taste good.
very interesting! looking forward to see how the story unfolds in the later chapters.

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